Various available characteristics of custom packaging

The packaging that is modified according to the product type and requirements is called Custom Packaging. It can be helpful for a brand name and identity. There are several options available for custom packaging. One can select from these options based on the product type. Moreover, the custom packaging should also be able to attract the attention of people. So, while designing the customized boxes, the target audience may be kept in mind. There are various characteristics of the packaging. The seller can select from these characteristics according to product type and his choice. The Custom Packaging in AU can prove to be an excellent marketing strategy. Following are the various options that are available for custom packaging.

Let the colours speak:

Colours have the symbolism of their own. This symbolism is developed due to the association of various colours with various features. The red colour symbolizes anger and heat. Therefore, it is often used for spicy food products. Moreover, any brand that has a red colour in its logo or design, appeals to the eyes of the customer immediately. On the other hand, the blue colour symbolizes coolness. It is used for brands that sell trendy products.

The blue colour is very famous in the youth. Therefore, often products related to young people have a blue shade in them. The pink colour is mostly used for products related to babies. It symbolizes care and nurturing. The black colour looks very elegant. It is often used for classy products like some jewellery items, etc. therefore; it is up to the seller’s choice to maintain the image of their company and brand by using specific colours in their marketing campaign or brand logo. They can also use these colours in the packaging.

Decide the font style and size:

The seller can decide the font style and size according to his/her choice. The font that is used for custom packaging should be clear and readable. Mostly the product information is italicized that looks very elegant. Moreover, the brand name is often written in a bold style that makes it prominent in the customer’s eyes.

Embossing or printing?

 Embossing can be used for packaging. This embossing proves to be important for highlighting specific information. In embossing, some part of the text is a little raised that immediately captures the attention and leaves a lasting impression on the mind. The seller can decide either to use embossing or printing for the boxes.

Choose the box size:

There is a range of box sizes from which the user can choose one size. The boxes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. It depends on the product that which box dimension to choose. There often happens that the product is available in various sizes. In that case, the boxes too can be varied according to the size of that particular product.

Decide the shape:

The user can choose from a range of available shapes to select the one appropriate to the product choice. The forms can be triangular, square, rectangular, and circular. The appearance of the packaging often matches that of the product.

Option for window

There is an option to give a window to the packaging. The window is often given to the products that have an aesthetic look. A window looks very good as it is always good to see some part of the product. This little look gives a hint of what the product is like. Most perfumes or cosmetic products have a window that lets customers look at the goods inside the box.

Select appropriate printing ink:

There are two major types of printing inks available. These are CMYK and PMS. The seller may decide which ink to use for the packaging. This decision of inks is significant as the inks will influence the whole look of the box.

Therefore, The Custom Packaging in AU can be modified according to the choice of the seller. Along with the characteristics mentioned above, many other features are also available for the packaging.

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