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UX Or Graphics Designer Which One Fits You

UX and graphics designer bother are well known and sought after designing professions out there. Both require you to be creative in what they make. In order to know which one better fits you, first we have to learn what they are.

UX designer

A UX designer is responsible to find out and research the experience of a user when interacting with certain software, website, or product. They analyze the user’s behavior and collect data depending on which they prepare sketches and wireframes for the designers and developers to work on. This is sketches incorporate how the technology should behave and feel when interacting with an audience.

Here are some of the core responsibilities a UX designer usually follows.

  • User Research
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Analysis and Measurement
  • Design Refinement
Graphics designer

Graphics designers aren’t the same as UX designers but they are not that different either. They also need to be creative and understand what their client would want. But unlike UX designers who would create prototypes with ready designs, graphics designers play with the more visual aspect of things like fonts, color, backgrounds, and so on. Their main focus is on the visuals rather than the functionalities.

Can we earn online through them?

By now you should have a gist of what both platforms stand for. The UX designers are responsible to find out how the software would interact with an audience both in terms of design and functionality. They even work with the developers to make sure the product comes out as intended.

On the other hand graphics designer are responsible for the visual designs as well their creation and edits. As for functionalities, their only concern is the visual aspect of it. Like how it views if the operation is successful or how would an element look after its intended behavior is triggered and so on.

You would be surprised to know how sought-after both of them are in the online industry. If we look at sites from where we can earn from home online like Upwork, Fiverr, Patreon, Streaming Plug, etc. you would be amazed to see how many job offers are for people with these skills. And the jobs don’t pay pocket change they are enough to create a stable income funnel over the period of the project. And why wouldn’t they? The work these designers do like providing creative content designs or analyzing audience behaviors is the core aspect of running a successful business. So in no way are they are neglected. Thus the pays are proportional to the work that they are hired for.

Final Thoughts

Both professions are very important and are highly valued. Though individually they are strong but together they are much more valuable. So in my personal opinion, it’s best to learn both skills and combine their usage. Cause without understanding the client’s needs how can one design something that is satisfactory for the client similarly without knowing what’s possible and what’s not how can we even suggest the functionalities for satisfying the client.

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