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One of the best hiking trails in Bangalore, the Uttari Betta is a 5 km trek that starts from a small village, enters the fort wall, and passes through seven doors of stone to reach the halfway point of the hike. The top is occupied by Shankar Eswar temple and the view from its top is beautiful enough to leave anyone in awe. Stretched across a lush green landscape this trek offers a quite unique scenic view similar to that of the Western Ghats. After the temple the trek crosses a small jungle cave, experiencing a whole new unexpected world, and ends at the grassland top of the hill which is surrounded by huge boulders.

The abundant wildlife and vegetation you witness in the path will give you the feeling of being one with nature. If you are able to witness the beautiful dawn, with an enchanting blend of hues in the sky, you will be captivated devouring by excellence. While the sunset is dazzling at the summit with green grass, clear blue skies, and gray-colored huge rocks accompanying us. This awe-inspiring moment just creates super harmony and becomes something that is a part of your future nostalgia.

The magnificence of the slopes is excellent and sufficiently brilliant to clutch onto your brain for several moments. This trek bestows trekkers with staggering vistas and also ensures that it is engraved onto their psyches for the rest of their lives. It is not wrong to say that this trek is a super ace of picturesque perspectives.

There is also an intriguing certainty about this slope post it has eight passages from the base to the top and a few external entryways too.


Hutridurga was constructed by Kempegowda in the sixteenth century. Originally it was constructed as the military citadel of Tipu Sultan against the Britishers. Later it was conquered by them in the year 1971. Considered to have been a seven-layered fortress.  It is counted as one among the nine “Durgas” (fortified slopes) around Bangalore (“Nava Durgas”).  Visitors who arrive at its peak also discover the sanctuary of Sankareswaran alongside a Nandi symbol. Which worked around 1260 A.D. This landmark is particularly devoted to Lord Shiva. Also while walking on the path leading to the top and Anjaneya sanctuary is also found.


  • Personal Medication
  • A strong backpack
  • Water bottles ( Capacity- 2 Liters)
  • Instant Energy foods ( Chocolate bars, flavored milk, electrolyte drinks)
  • Light colored clothes having full sleeves
  • Torch ( with an extra pair of battery)
  • Sport shoes ( to provide extra grip)
  • Camera ( you want to have candid photos, right?)


Since Uttari Betta is located just 75 km away from Bangalore and is situated off the Kunigal-Magadi state highway S.H.94, at a distance of about 7 km from it and 10 km from the Anchepalya industrial area . On the Bengaluru-Mangalore National Highway India- NH48 near Kunigal so it is easy to go there by road.  Once you are in Bangalore City you can easily take a bus or taxi from there to arrive at the base camp of the trekking trail to Uttari Betta. It takes around two hours to reach there.

You can also use Hutridurga sunrise point, and Shankar Eshwara Temple Kunigad as landmarks in google maps to reach the Kunigal village for the trek smoothly without much confusion and trouble. Also, kindly search for Kunigal village on google maps i.e set it as the destination. If you search for Uttari Betta i.e. set Uttari Betta as a destination on your google maps you won’t find the location. Instead, enter the name Huthri Betta trek to avoid any further trouble. The locals are helpful too. You can easily confide in them but it also doesn’t mean that you will trust anyone blindly. There are some basic safety rules that should be followed strictly while traveling.


The Uttari Betta Trek or the Hurthi Betta trek is considered a moderate trek where the trekkers are required to have an average level of endurance.   Your backpack should have all the essentials mentioned above and please do not forget to wear good trekking shoes for this trek as without them .it will become extremely difficult to carry on. Without shoes, with a firm grip, the slope can appear a lot more difficult than it actually. It is also a bottle carrying at least two liters of water along with ready-made snacks that will come in handy when you will feel tired and hungry in the middle or at the top.


There are various travel agencies that provide awesome cum affordable Uttari Betta Trekking packages. You just need to make a booking ( the best way to do so is online) and then enjoy the trek full of adventures and beautiful views. The best thing about these packages is that they provide you with a pickup location which is in Bangalore. So you just need to arrive at that location and then forget all your worries and wait till you reach there. 


A lot of reviews given by visitors are present online on the trek. In most of these reviews, you will find some common words and phrases like good, enjoyed a lot, first trek, fun trekking, happy memories, well organized, lovely trek, wonderful view, good time, and many others. These words and phrases are enough to prove why the Uttari Betta Trek should be definitely on your bucket list or your weekend getaway plan. If it is still not there add it immediately. Not including this place in your travel diary might lead up to the inclusion of great regret in your personal diary years later. So to prevent a situation like this, set it as your next travel destination. 


DISTANCE: Almost 80 Km from Bangalore.

ENTRY FEE: It is a free-of-cost trek

PERMISSION: No special permission is required for the Uttari Betta Trek


ALTITUDE: 1130 m


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate (for any age group)


  • Plastics and smoking is prohibited. Never make the mistake of carrying them to the trek. It is your responsibility.
  • Do not litter.  If you are a hiker you should leave the trail just as you found it. They are basic ethics.
  • Trek guide is not compulsory as there are stairs and arrow marks to guide you and chances of you getting lost are extremely low. But if you want one, go and hire according to your wish.
  • Most importantly, beware of monkeys. If you are carrying food with you it is your responsibility to protect it as the monkeys of this trek are famous all over for them being notorious for stealing food from travelers.
  • Also, carry a poncho or a raincoat along with you so that you are prepared if it rains.


Although during the trek you will not be able to find any eatery or even a small snacks shop still there is one snack shop at the base of the hike.  Also, you will find a lot of restaurants before entering Huthridurga hill near the arch entrance. So it will be good if you bring your own food and snacks.  And if you are planning to do a sunrise trek it becomes even more compulsory.  No shops are open at that hour. It will become even more difficult for you to find food.

And just like food, water resources are also not available. So it will be good if you bring your own water bottles.   Also the food or the snacks you are bringing keep in mind that they should be instant energy-giving food.  That increases your stamina and eventually helps you in completing your hike.

The Uttari Betta is a great trek especially if you are an amateur in trekking. It offers you a majestic view of the popular hills along with an escape. Overwhelming city life and that’s why you should go for it. It will become an experience.  so beautiful that you will want to share it.  With everyone whom you will meet telling them about the views, nature, adventure, and the adrenaline rush you felt there.

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