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Unimaginably exciting things to do in Thailand this December

ave you been looking for a Thailand trip in Winters? Well, December is the month when people tend to say goodbye to the past year by vacationing someplace exciting.

Do you have plans to travel to Thailand this December? Have you been looking for a Thailand trip in Winters? Well, December is the month when people tend to say goodbye to the past year by vacationing someplace exciting. And Thailand can be the country for them. However, Thailand follows Buddhism and does not officially celebrate Christmas. But, as one of the most popular destinations in Asia, Bangkok has put holiday gift purchases firmly on the map, not to mention that Thais like to host a grand party, so there will be many things happening. And, at the top of this list is the New Year’s Eve countdown party in Bangkok. This is entirely equivalent to the one at Times Square. If you do feel the chills of seasonal effects in the winter, remember that white sand beaches or tropical islands are on the way! Let’s take a look below at some Unimaginably exciting things to do in Thailand this December.

Visiting Thailand in December? Here is a list of things to do in Thailand for your aid!

Enjoy a Fun Day at Dream World

If the tropical regions of Thailand don’t make your winter vacation feel like home, head to Dreamworld. Everything is exciting, especially the Ice Rinks, where there are Arctic sleighs and fake snow for riding. From water rides to snow roller coasters, this amusement park has so many top attractions that families can easily spend half a day here. There are bumper cars, haunted houses to be explored, super splashing wave boats, and snow towns where the temperature will never exceed -8 degrees Celsius. Tickets are 250 baht for grown-ups and 200 baht for children. Are you only comfortable speaking Spanish? Don’t worry! Make a flight booking in your language by calling united airlines en español phone and ensuring your seats on the United flights.

Explore the Sansiri Winter Market

The T77 community of Sansiri is touted as a better future for Bangkok. It is a good residential community with a series of condominium projects that combine green spaces, retail areas, proximity to traffic and schools, and safe enclosed havens. They can show off and share it with the public during what has become an annual event.  The Sansiri Winter Market is now in its fourth year and still booming year by year. You won’t find homemade mulled wine anywhere else in Bangkok. There is also craft beer aside from the Burger and taco trucks, and you can also see family fun areas.

Watch the Saraburi Sunflowers Blooming

December and the western tourist holidays coincide with the sunflower blooming near Saraburi, which is well worth visiting. Saraburi’s sunflower fields are only a short distance from the capital but a few miles away. The huge sunflower fields are open in December and January, attracting flower lovers, photographers, and those looking for wonderful locals. . Saraburi may be a small and inconspicuous neighbor of Bangkok, but because its stunning sunflower fields bloom between November and January, it has been included on the tourist map in the past few years and has become Bangkok Looking for an escape to nature on weekends

Enjoy some Christmas Lights

Bangkok doesn’t have Christmas celebrations in a religious way. It is not even a national holiday. However, it does pay tribute to all the thousands of western tourists who come here in winter and try to provide some festive joy for those who may be homesick. , Except for the snow, of course. Christmas trees and lights have begun to appear in most major hotels and shopping malls around the city. Still, the Christmas trees and lights set up along Rajadamri Road near the Central World Shopping Center and the Rajaprasong intersection is outstanding.

The only downside about visiting there in December is: the sunny weather attracts a lot of tourists so that you will face more queues and crowds. Yet this is a great time to plan a visit. So plan to buy United Airlines tickets and enjoy your vacays.

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