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Unfamiliar Facts About Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost 

Excited about knowing the mysterious facts about your teeth? Great! Your teeth play a vital role in your life which gives the best shape for your face. You will get sufficient energy for doing all your work through the foods. The teeth help to chew and digest food and make you get them. The precious smile of yours coming with them, and dentists are recommended to have the proper check for at least 6 months once. Maintaining proper oral health will save you from severe diseases and Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost. There are numerous fun facts there about your teeth that look exciting and useful. Scroll down to know about some unknown truths regarding your teeth.

Your top surface enamel is the hardest part of your body

The white enamel that covers your teeth is very stronger than your bone. This hardened surface is made up of 96 percent mineral, and it is the highest percentage of your body which makes it damage-resistant and durable. There is no blood or nerve supply in the enamel, and the hardness helps the teeth to withstand blunt. Another reason for the strongness is that it is composed primarily of inorganic materials. The rock-hard mineral that is calcium phosphate makes the teeth harder.

The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t cure itself 

The tooth is the only part of the body that isn’t able to heal itself from the damages. Heal means either regrowing or replacing the part with scar tissue that is not doing my teeth. The reason is each stem cell of the tooth is producing new dentin, to repair the damage. But these innate healing mechanisms have limits that can only make a little amount of tissue when fighting an injury, cavity, or infection. That is why they can’t repair their damages and injuries.

The human mouth has more bacteria than people on the earth

A typical human mouth contains a greater number of bacteria than the people there on the earth. When you have not brushed your teeth lately, you might have more bacteria than people now in the world. It is the same as for the dog which has the same characteristics in the mouth as a human. Scientists have found that over 6 billion including 700 various types of species are living microbes in your mouth. The mouth is kept moist by the saliva, and it is the key factor for the growth of bacteria.

90% of diseases like heart problems and diabetes are related to your oral health

The gum diseases are connected with an increased risk of developing heart problems. Having poor dental health will lead you to the risks of bacterial infection in the bloodstream that can affect the heart valves. People who live with diabetes are having increased blood glucose levels, and they may have the same in their saliva and dry mouth. This condition will allow the dental plaque to spread on the teeth, which leads to tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth decay is the next common disease that increases the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Tooth decay is the most common disease in humans, second only to the cold. It causes irreversible damage to the crushing machinery which is involved in the intake of food. The cavity is common in young children and teenagers, and even older adults are also at high risk. They are using more medications which results in reducing the flow of saliva and increasing tooth decay.

Final lines 

We Holistic Dental wisdom tooth dentistry will help you to get rid of the above facts with our expert dentists. It will aid you to save the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost by preventing your teeth from risky diseases. It is easy for you when you visit us to take care of your pearl white teeth. So, have a routine check-up with us and have a healthy oral instead of meeting any horror pains and inconveniences for a long time. Just make a visit us and get rid of the problems immediately that will help you to stay strong.

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