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UI/UX: Which To Choose?

UI and UX are very familiar terms in the world of digital platforms. This is especially true for web and software development platforms. Cause they are mostly used in these sectors.

User Interface (UI)

By the name you should have already guessed that UI refers to the design that we interact with when operating software. Its main purpose is to enhance the interaction between the user and the software. Without the implementation of UI people would have to do everything programmatically. All in all, UI is responsible for the visual aspect of the software.

User Experience (UX)

Similar to UI the UX is also responsible for the interaction between the user and the software. But not in the creation. Instead, its main concern is to test whether the created UI or functionalities are working as intended. In other words, where the UI design looks up at the visual interaction, the UX looks up the overall interaction which includes the visual design, the creative contents, the backend functionalities, etc.


  • They are responsible for every visual aspect of the product or software. Like the fonts, colors, sizes, etc all the visual elements of the site.
  • They are also responsible for making the website appear more friending and responsive across multiple devices of multiple sizes.
  • They are mainly responsible for testing out the user experience of the developed software.
  • They are also responsible for analyzing the behavior of the interaction between the user and the software as well as mapping out the structure of the user’s journey.

The key differences between UI and UX design

UI design
  • UI design is the short form of User Interface Design.
  • It focuses on the visual aspect and information that we see on the screen.
  • It is responsible for how the fired event will behave in the front end.
  • A UI designer needs to be able to do creative and critical thinking.
  • UI designer focuses on the brand’s strength and the visual assets of the software or website.
UX design
  • UX design is the short form of User Experience Design.
  • It focuses on the whole user experience which is not only limited to what is portrayed on the screen.
  • It is responsible to see whether the fired event is behaving as intended both visually and functionally.
  • A UX designer needs to be able to do creative and logical thinking.
  • UX designer focuses on improving the interaction between the user and all the elements of the software.

Final Thoughts

Though both might be named differently and their range of expertise might differ a bit but they are both quite compatible with one another. Thus whenever various companies looking to hire someone of this sector they usually want that person to possess expertise in both fields. And the pay is not bad well. Experienced UI/UX designers get paid handsomely for their work.

You can also get also earn from home online in this sector. And the work pay is good as well.  If you were to visit sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. You will find various jobs related to this sector. Even streaming sites like Youtube, Tiktok, Patreon, Streaming Plug, etc. feature people of this sector creating amazing content or teaching their skills.

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