Tyre fitting: What you should know?

Tyre withstand too much pressure and stress, especially while traversing roads that are uneven, have potholes or stones. The only item of contact with the road, they could easily wear out or damage if they aren’t taken proper care of. Their replacement becomes crucial every now and then to make them roll on the road reliably. Replacement indicates the removal of the rubber from the wheel’s rim and its subsequent replacement.

The tyres should not be installed on the rims by yourself which otherwise happens in the case of changing the car’s wheel. The tyres should be changed by experts as they utilise a unique machine to carry out this activity. If we talk specifically about high-performance and run-flat car tyres, only specialists at the garage are permitted to do so.

Mounting of tyres: How is it done by experts at the garage?

Special equipment is necessary for replacing the tyres. Experts generally use a tyre changing machine for unmounting and mounting the new set of car tyres. The process is executed with the help of a bead breaker and a mounting arm.

The process of mounting tyres:

The previously used rubber should be removed before placing new car tyres on the rim. This step is usually carried out manually and the machine for mounting is put to use later.

The specialist at first lifts the car with the help of a jack to be able to take out the wheel from the car’s axle easily. The air is then released out of the tyres. This is simply done by opening the valve of the tyres.
Now the machine is used for mounting to make the bead breaker detach the wall of the tyre from the wheel’s rim.

The bead breaker is positioned on the rim and the Car tyres Leek and is pushed down. The tyre after this is rotated once and the entire process is done again.

This step of dismantling makes sure that the tyre’s ring inside, i.e. the tyre bead is pushed over the hump of the rim.
The rim is then clamped on the mounting machine, the weights used for balancing are removed from the wheel’s rim. The lever to mount is then used to place the tyre bead on the mounting arm.

The tyres changer or the mounting machine is then started by pressing a button. The machine rotates and the car tyre comes off the wheel’s rim.
Mounting of tyres

After pulling the tyres off and before pulling the new tyre on, the size and age of the tyre should be checked thoroughly. Post this; the process of mounting the tyres could be started. The specialist first covers the tyre beads outside and inside with grease or paste to mount tyres. This helps to pull on the car tyre simpler.

The rim is then clamped onto the mounting machine and with the help of the mounting arm, the flank of the lower car tyre is positioned on the upper edge of the rim. The tyre changer then rotates to pull the tyre on the rim. This process is repeated by the expert for the flank of the upper car tyre as well.

The car tyre can then be pumped with air to let the tyre beads push against the wheel’s rim and no air could further escape. In the end, the specialist inflates the car tyre to the recommended levels before shutting the valve of the tyre.

Balancing the tyres after the process of mounting

Installing tiny weights to balance onto the wheel’s rim post mounting the tyres would be important. They help in preventing any imbalance in the tyres and also avoid any vibrations in the steering wheel. It would also enhance comfort while driving and increase the overall mileage.

When should you change your car tyres?

If the depth of the tread is falling below the legal requirements, you would need a new 4×4 tyres Leek. Regular dismounting and mounting of tyres could strain the rim and the rubber which could affect the longevity of the tyres. Hence, it is advisable to replace the entire wheel each season. Change your tyres if they show signs of ageing before they get damaged irreparably with worn-out tyre treads.

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