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Health and Fitness

Try Avocado Hair Mask And Get Silky Hair

Providing organic and effective treatment to hair has a reasonable impact on its overall appearance. Such treatments involve using organic oils and hair masks made of natural ingredients. Avocado, botanically known as Persea Gratissima, has magical treatment properties for damaged hair and also promotes healthy growth.

How? Due to the presence of vital nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and monounsaturated fats. Apart from the standard oils, which are essential for maintaining moisture in the scalp, hair masks are responsible for providing direct nourishment to the hair and scalp. According to famous dermatological researches, regular use of hair masks nourishes the hair follicle and leads to shinier hair.

Benefits Of Avocado Hair Masks

1. Reduces Dandruff

A well-nourished scalp with hydrated skin has a positive impact on the health of the hair. Most people are used to flaky and moisture-less skin during winters as the situation worsens with pollution. Avocado hair masks ensure that the moisture is intact.

2. Prevents Breakage

Dryness often leads to brittleness which further results in breakage of hair. While oiling can add moisture and prevent dryness, hair masks provide all-around nourishment, which strengthens it and prevents breakage. Hair experts suggest that a person should refrain from tying their hair too tightly.

This helps ensure that hair doesn’t break or fragment while brushing and combing. Similarly, using plastic hairbands isn’t good for your hair. Long story short, if you use an avocado hair mask regularly, then you will have to be less concerned about hair breaking.

3. Detangles Hair And Improves Shine

Regular people are used to using hair oil for detangling before shampoo, but it is a proven fact that silky hair with a smooth texture is less prone to tangling. Avocado hair masks are great at improving the texture and luster of your hair. While the effect of synthetic hair care products isn’t long-lasting, you can expect your natural silky texture to last almost a week after the hair mask therapy.

4. Damage Control And Proofing

Your hair is among the most exposed parts of your body as it is directly prone to sunlight, pollution, blowing winds, dust, dirt, and sweat. In fact, the chlorine present in treated water also does reasonable damage to your hair. Avocado contains antioxidants that protect your hair from environmental damage. They also repel foreign agents which causes undesirable results.

Using a hair mask after an outdoor weekend, a beach outing or a swimming party is essential as foreign elements enter your hair which causes irreparable damage to your scalp and hair. Using avocado hair masks helps you get rid of all that damage which may further get enhanced without proper care.

Using Avocado Hair Masks

You can use avocado hair masks for long-lasting results, and here’s an easy Do-It-Yourself method for the same:

1. What You Need

Fresh Avocados

  • fresh egg
  • tbsp of honey

Mortar and pestle for mashing and bowl for mixing the ingredients

2. Method

  • Peel the fresh avocados and remove the stone
  • Put them in the mortar and thoroughly mash them till they become a fine paste
  • Keep mixing till a uniform texture is obtained, which is free from lumps
  • Add egg yolk and one tbsp of honey and mix more
  • Part your hair gently and start applying the mixture, starting from root to the tip
  • Leave the mask applied for 30 minutes; use a shower cap for trapping the heat and steam action
  • You can use some sunlight if it isn’t the summer season
  • Use an organic shampoo to wash off the mixture from your hair
  • Rinse thoroughly till all the mixture is washed
  • You can also use a post-shampoo conditioner for better results
  • Set your dryer at a medium setting and gently dry off your glossy locks
  • Repeat the hair mask treatment once every week for long-lasting results


There’s no denying the fact that organic hair masks are far better than synthetic hair care products. However, these masks aren’t suitable for everyone, and you should make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, pregnant and lactating women should refrain from using an avocado hair mask, and it is always better to consult your dermatologist if you face an itching or any such experience.

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