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Troubleshooting Common Mobile Phone Problems at Home

We humans have an intricate relationship with our mobile phones. We take it everywhere. To the office, parties, restaurants, events, meeting with friends, and even on the toilet. For something so important, it becomes vital to keep it running smoothly. While you can’t protect your phone from every glitch or bug, you can try to fix it on your own, rather than going to a mobile repair shop every time. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter while using your device and how to fix them.

Common Mobile Phone Issues

Mobile phones are advanced devices containing a lot of hardware and software working together to perform several tasks. They are extensively around the world and users can face several issues with their devices daily. However, not every issue requires a full-blown mobile repair, some things can be treated by you as well. Some of these common issues are:

Low Battery Life

Battery draining out quickly is a common issue that plagues a number of users. While there’s nothing you can do to increase the battery capacity, there are some tricks through which you can improve the battery performance of your smartphone. Changing a few settings in your phone can help prevent your battery from draining faster than usual.

Sometimes, apps running in the background can consume the battery unnecessarily by using mobile data. Keeping your GPS on also eats up the battery fast. The best practice to increase battery life is to enable battery-saving mode and turn off background refresh for apps you don’t want. Charging your battery to 80% only is also a good practice.


Playing games on your smartphone for too long can cause it to overheat. If your device also gets overheated quickly then you need to investigate which app or feature is causing the issue. Using the camera and recording something for a long time will also cause your phone to overheat.

One of the most common reasons that users complain of overheating is actually not related to the device. It is the bulky phone covers they use that don’t have any heat flow resulting in the rise in temperature.

The smartphone is Running Slowly

As our phone gets older, it starts performing slowly. While it could be because the processor has become old and can’t keep up with newer demanding apps, mostly it happens due to the presence of unnecessary apps and files taking up storage space.

Try to sort out the images, videos, apps, and files you don’t need and delete them to clear up some space. Cleaning up cached data frees up the RAM improving your device’s performance.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues are also a recurring problem that a lot of users face. Inability to access the internet even if you are connected to the WiFi, unable to call someone, Bluetooth devices not showing, or your device not being discovered by another Bluetooth. These things can happen regularly on some devices.

Thankfully, fixing these is not so difficult. Sometimes just a quick restart can work wonders for your device. Turning Airplane Mode on and off can even fix the connectivity issues you are facing.

Expandable Storage not Working

While Apple is yet to provide expandable storage in their devices, most Android devices come with the ability to use a Micro SD card as a storage device. If you are facing issues such as the device not reading the SD card, being unable to open files, SD card not getting formatted, or more, try some of these tricks.

First, take out the SD card and insert it into a card reader and check if it’s working on a laptop or computer or not. If it is not working there then the card might be corrupted. Next is to check the format of the card. A microSD card should be formatted with FAT32 as it is best suited for a mobile phone.

App Issues

A smartphone might be worthless without any apps. But that doesn’t mean that every app is useful. If some of your apps are crashing every time you open them, it might be because the app is faulty or there’s something wrong with its saved data and cache. Go to the app settings and clear out the cache, reboot the device and open the app again to check if it’s working now.

Downloading apps from the App store can also fail sometimes. It might feel like a big issue but can be fixed quite easily. Just go to the Google Play Store or App Store settings and clear cache and save data. The issue should be wiped away and you would be able to download any app or game you want.

Hardware issues like a broken screen or non-working charging port warrant a visit to the nearest mobile repair center. If your phone is lagging or overheating or unable to connect to the internet, you can read this guide to fix those issues on your own as well.


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