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Top Signs you Need Blue Light Glasses

Technology has made our life and routine convenient in several ways, yet you cannot deny that our health is at stake, especially the eyes. As a result, the popularity of blue glasses has grown exponentially in just a few years. 

But, of course, the reason is the overuse of digital screens. No one here will deny that we can’t spend 5 minutes without the digital screen of a smartphone, laptop, and television. Be it due to work culture, need of the hour, or addiction; the fact remains the same. As a result, the vision of human eyes is deteriorating.

As they say, “Every problem has a solution” this one also has a solution – The blue light glasses.

 Blue light glasses are unique as they shield harmful blue rays emitted by digital screens. As per experts, the blue glasses are 98% safe and effective for technology geeks. Moreover, some people do not experience any symptoms even after using digital screens after significant hours. 

But, on the other hand, ten-year-old children wear glasses. So, there is a lot of confusion about using eyeglasses and the type of glasses to be used. Pair of eyeglasses are used for different causes. Here it is not our concern, so let’s focus on blue light glasses only.

Who can use blue light glasses?

The primary function of light blue glass is to restrict the blue light emitted by a digital screen. So, it is not dependent on the user. Anyone who wants to save their eyes from harmful rays of screens can use blue light glasses.

Smartphones, e-book readers, laptops, televisions, tablets are all blue light emitters. Therefore, it is unnecessary that you need to have eye strain or any issue related to vision to use this pair of glasses. You can start using it from this moment if you use digital screens for a significant amount of time every day.

What are the signs asking you to use blue light glasses?

Digital eye strain has different symptoms and signs depending upon person to person. However, the most common are blurred vision, dizziness, sleep disorder, red eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue. So, it is essential to take care of your eye health. Blue glasses help you to achieve it.

The most prominent emphasis that is also the most common sign is sleep disorder and headaches. You would need blue light glasses for it.  People these days predominantly suffer from sleep disorders, and ultimately it affects the entire body cycle.

Note that digital eye strain is not due to single-day work hours, but it results from your ignorance towards your health. Many factors contribute to developing eye strain, such as the wrong way of holding phones, using phones in the dark (especially at nights when all lights are off), and bad angles of staring at screens.

Here we have listed top signs that you need blue light glasses as soon as possible.

1. Your screen time is more than 4 hours

I think every one of us needs blue light glasses because 4 hours is the average time everyone spends on their phone, right?  If you are a working professional and especially a software professional, every employer should gift blue light glasses with an offer letter. Jokes apart, even if they don’t offer a gift to you, at least you can do it for yourself.

After spending a considerable amount of time on a digital screen at the workplace, you come home and sit in front of the television. Either sell all your electronic devices or buy one blue light glasses. The choice has always been yours!

2. Frequent Headaches

Dude, “Bring me one cup of coffee; my head is aching a lot!” is our favorite statement. But, coffee is a temporary solution. The next day again you have to face the same problem. So, having a pair of blue light glasses is not much hard for you. 

According to experts, headache is a severe issue if you are undergoing eye strain due to a digital screen. There are several reasons for headaches. If you feel stress around or behind the ears, probably the reason is eye strain. So, consult your doctor ASAP, and try to find a solution.

3. Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is the most commonly faced yet less addressed problem. Falling asleep without using the phone is a massive deal for most people. Don’t forget the blue light emission harming your eyes and hence the sleep cycle.

People who are using blue light glasses have experienced improvements in their sleeping habits and sleep quality. According to a Harvard study, blue light affects melatonin – the hormone that regulates sleep. So that is the reason why you can’t sleep appropriately by spending more time on the digital screen.

4. Body Pain

The back, neck, and shoulders also suffer due to eye strain. You can avoid it by using blue light blockers and holding your body in proper posture.

5. Over Hydrated Eyes

Watery eyes are also a significant sign that you should start using blue light glasses. However, blurred vision and red eyes are not the only effects of digital eye strain. If you need to rub your eyes frequently, it is high time you should start using blue light glasses.

6. Digital Screen Fast

Most of us don’t take a gap from screens. So, it will help if you keep the screen fast frequently. But, even if you decide you cannot avoid your screens for more than two days, today’s will not allow it.

I have a solution for you. Take a weekly one-day gap from digital screens. You can choose any day of the week. You can spend that day with your family and practice simple yoga. You can read too. Do anything, except spending time on screen.

Bonus tips to take care of your eyes:

No doubt, blue light glasses are the practical solution, but I have something that will surely save your eyes and will improve the strength of your eyes. I have some tips, and you can do it without spending much. Moreover, as I do it regularly, they are reliable. I bet you soon that you will share these with others too.

  • Keep eye & ear drops at your home. Use it twice a day, preferably before going to sleep.
  • Pour pure homemade ghee (clarified butter) into your eyes just before going to bed (only if you’re comfortable).
  • When you wash your face, hold mouthful water in your mouth so that eyes can come out and you can clean it properly.
  • Take a slice of fresh cucumber and keep it on your eyes for 15 minutes.

Take out time for yourself and take care of yourself because nothing is more important than your health. Also please keep your glasses clean. You can use disinfectant wipes to keep your glasses germ-free. Have a look at the complete guide of usage of disinfectant wipes this should answer most of your questions about it,

Stay safe! Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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