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Top Reasons – Why Study at the University of York UK?

If you are looking for a world-class university, then the University of York best suits you. It is located in United Kingdom.

The university offers an array of degree programs taught by renowned faculty members. It provides students with access to research and internships. Also, it has a wealth of resources to help you excel academically and professionally.

Furthermore, the university’s picturesque campus will immerse you in British culture. With its renowned faculty, discover why the University of York is an ideal to study!

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  • University of York
  • Why University of York
  • Top Reasons to choose University of York UK
  • Conclusion

University of York

University of York UK is a top-performing university. It is known for its excellent academic reputation. It is one of the most beautiful campuses in the United Kingdom.

In addition, the University of York opened its doors to students in 1963. It strives for excellence, investing in innovative research and teaching facilities. It secures a place in one of the largest universities in UK. Because of its excellent servicing, in a recent study, it was named among “Europe’s top 10 elite research universities”.

From undergraduates to postgraduates, from academics researching to keen entrepreneurs developing their business ideas, York University UK attracts aspiring minds from around the world.

If you want to study at this prestigious institution, then let us take a look below. We are providing its key features and why it’s worth studying!

Key Features of University of York

  • It offers different streams like Science, health, environment and technology, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences.
  • There are more than 30 departments and centers across the University of York.
  • It provides the choice of over 50 undergraduate programs in various fields.
  • The university offers dual honors degrees as well as many postgraduate programs.
  • World-leading university with campuses in the historic city of York.
  • Home to more than 27,400 students from over 135 countries.
  • A candidate will get a research-intensive learning environment with a wide range of globally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Why University of York

York University is one of the UK’s top universities with a long track record of excellence. It offers diverse courses and programs, making it easy to tailor a degree that meets your needs. Check the benefits of choosing the University of York UK.

  • York has an outstanding academic reputation in the research and teaching fields.
  • The city of York is recognized as a top city for culture, with numerous restaurants and attractions.
  • It has world-class course offerings from top departments in a range of disciplines.
  • The university’s colleges are located in major cities for day trips or longer breaks away.
  • You will also benefit from York’s vibrant student life on and off campus.

Top Reasons to choose the University of York UK

Check the major top 5 reasons to choose the University of York UK.

Good History with clear Principles

The University of York UK was established in October 1963 and then they started their journey with 230 students & 28 staff. Without a doubt, they grow and increased their students with more than 20,000 and 30+ academic departments.

Moreover, it is one of the safest universities in the United Kingdom. The university believes that students can gain knowledge with peace of mind if they feel safe. It provides services in 4 principles –

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Collaboration across multidisciplinary boundaries
  • Internationalism
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion

York University Ranking & International Reputation

It is very important to check the reputation & ranking of the university you want to study in. The University of York secured 162 positions in QS World Ranking 2023. It is a great achievement for any institute.

  • According to the SDG Rating, it has “Gold” in environmental impact & Social impact too.
  • The university has a great reputation with a 43.3 academic, 36.1 employer reputation score.
  • It has placed 24th rank in the UK in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.

Furthermore, you can check the University of York ranking indicator as per the QS World Ranking 2023.

  • Overall Score – 48.4
  • Academic Reputation – 43.3
  • Employer Reputation – 36.1
  • Citations per Faculty – 48.6
  • Faculty-Student Ratio – 45
  • International Students Ratio – 82.1
  • International Students Ratio – 88.1
  • International Students Ratio – 82.1
  • International Research Network – 88.9
  • Employment Outcomes – 23.7

Research Specialities

The University of York UK has a wide variety of research specializations available to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Psychology.

These specialities reflect the range and diversity of research undertaken at York University UK and promote collaboration across disciplines. The specialities also help build profiles, foster esteem and generate international recognition for the University’s academic expertise. 

Furthermore, their exceptional library facilitates easy access to both physical and digital resources. It includes databases for researching topics from any field related to the university’s main specialities. 

In addition, Researching at the University of York is made easy through its committed staff, who provide many opportunities for those who want to explore further.

York University Courses

The University of York offers a wide range of courses across many different disciplines. Studying at the University of York allows students to gain knowledge in their chosen fields. With small class sizes, academic research opportunities, and overseas internships available as part of their degrees – the University of York is your perfect gateway into further study or success after graduating.

Below, you can check the list of York University Courses that are available for international students.

  • Actuarial Science
  • Anti-Racist Research & Practice
  • Biochemistry
  • Business Economics
  • Canadian Business for Internationally Educated Professionals
  • Cinema & Media Arts
  • Cities, Regions, Planning
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Financial Planning
  • Gender & Women’s Studies
  • Global Health
  • Health Policy, Management & Digital Health
  • Hellenic Studies
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Integrative Arts
  • Law & Social Thought
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Neuroscience
  • Nursing

York University Fees for International Students

For international students studying at York University in UK, there are a variety of fee structures and costs that must be taken into account. Although, the cost of studying at York University may seem high to some international students. It remains one of the most affordable universities in the country for both domestic and international students.

Now, if you want to get admission in it, then check the University of York Fees for all courses below –

University of York Fee Structure for Undergraduate (International and EU)

  • Duration – Tuition fee
  • Single term (autumn or spring) – £6,533
  • Single term (autumn or spring) – £9,800
  • Two terms (autumn and spring, or spring and summer) – £9,800
  • Two terms (autumn and spring, or spring and summer) – £13,067
  • Full academic year (start date autumn or spring) – £19,600

Fee for York University Postgraduate taught Masters (International and EU)

  • Duration – Tuition fee (Lab-based) – Tuition fee Classroom-based 
  • Single term – £6,650 – £8,167
  • Two terms – £13,300 – £16,333

Postgraduate Research Fee of  York University (International and EU)

  • Duration – Tuition fee Classroom-based – Tuition fee Lab-based
  • Less than two weeks – £0 – £0
  • One month or part-month – £1,890 – £2,390
  • Two months – £3,780 – £4,780
  • Three months – £5,670 – £7,170
  • Six months – £10,396 – £13,145
  • Nine months – £15,120 – £19,120
  • Full academic year – £18,900 – £23,900



We have covered the important details of York University UK. This article will help you to know why you should choose it for your study.

Moreover, students who wish to study in UK may contact our expert counselors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. Also, according to your profile, they’ll help you shortlist the best universities for computer science UK. For more information or any queries, contact application02@meridean.org or 18­00-1230-00011.




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