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Top Benefits of Nature Camping; Where You Can Do it in Dubai?

For parents, the most difficult thing during the summer holidays is to organize such a routine for their kids that won’t only keep them busy but also teach them new skills. And this is where nature camps come in handy.

Benefits of Camping

Nature camping offers numerous benefits. Some of these are:

Learning Opportunities

Camping provides children with a variety of learning opportunities. It brings the fun in learning and brings the most meaning to the concept of “learning with fun”. Children can learn a lot from a camping vacation.

Mind Refreshment

Life can be very hectic for children. Their schoolwork and assignments can be really frustrating for them, and to give them and yourself a break from the daily hectic and tiring routine, you can go camping with your family.

Teamworking  Camp Skills

There are many teamwork and socially interactive activities offered to children in camping programs. This builds up their teamworking and social skills which will help them throughout their lives.

In a nature camp, every individual member plays an equally important role, what they do reflects the whole team. This increases the sense of responsibility in children and makes them more aware of the people around them.

Confidence Build-up

When in nature, you get to trust your primitive instincts for survival. This dependency on oneself helps in building up confidence.

Health Benefits

Spending time in nature brings a lot of health pros with it. The most important one is the oxygen-rich environment which is quite rare while living in a crowded city with pollution. Other health benefits include autoimmunization and an anti-bubble effect in children which prepares them for the life they have to live ahead.

Top Camping Locations in Dubai

Most people think camping in Dubai may be boring as it is a deserted land. However, the reality is the opposite. Dubai offers a variety of extremely unique locations you can camp at, with an experience like none other in the world. Let’s take a look at some places for nature camping in Dubai:

Acacia forest

If you’re looking for a mountainy and greener location to camp in Dubai, this is the perfect spot for you. Camping in Acacia forests is done in groups, which includes camping together and looking out for each other.

It is one of the most amazing locations to camp in Dubai. During the day you can wander around the forest or nearby mountains, see wildlife, or just chill in the oxygen-rich air to refresh your body and mind.

Arabian Dreams Desert Camps

This is a camp location that provides a safe and fenced environment for families. It also offers a variety of activities in the surrounding areas which can make your family weekend a lot more fun. You can do barbeque in the area. Listen to live music and interact with people, play group games and socialize.

Banan beach

It is a camping resort and offers a number of water sports to its guests. You can book a tent for your family there at very affordable prices and just enjoy your day on a beautiful secluded beach in Dubai.

Al Qudra lakes

The Al QUDRA lakes are perfect for a day camp. They offer a variety of activities to the tourists. The wildlife surrounding the lakes is spectacular, so don’t forget to bring your binoculars. You can also camp there at night for stargazing and barbeque.


It is a solitude location in the deserts of Dubai, perfect for stargazing and exploring the vast desert wildlife. You can camp here overnight and witness one of the most amazing starry skies in the world.

There you have it! Now that you know about the benefits and best locations for nature camps in Dubai, plan a getaway with your kids and spend some memorable time with them.

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