Top 6 Android Apps for Your Business

6 Android Apps for Business Growth

There has been an exemplary shift towards android app development for many years. Businesses are now running after highly credible Android Apps from the best android app development company. Mobile Applications help businesses to change their ideas into revenue streams.

However, Business Apps are a challenging subject. There are numerous variables to consider while using Android Apps for your business. There are some great Applications in the market to manage your business smoothly. Here are some of the best Android Applications that work best for Small and Large Businesses.

Best Android Apps to Manage Your Business

Since businesses are now shifting to the digital world, managing your staff with fluency is getting complicated. Nonetheless, there are many Android Applications available in the market, which makes business management easy. We have picked up the Top Business Management Apps to ensure all your problems are solved.

  1. Slack
    Slack is a messaging app designed specifically to communicate with your teams. With this app, team members can also chat outside of the main topics in separate threads. It features a clean and simple interface, multiple channels, document sharing, and even chatbots. Slack is the best app used by remote workers. Several features of slack make it the best app for communication between teammates. Some of its features include instant messaging, statuses, file sharing, voice & video calls, and screen sharing. It is also a great option if you want a messaging service without subscribing to other business-related features. 
  2. Todoist
    Todoist: it is a Task management android application that helps you manage a complex to-do list quickly. This app enables you to keep track of your task and make sure nothing remains incomplete. Todoist offers a slick cross-platform that makes task management quick and smooth. With Todoist, you can not only create and organize tasks but also prioritize your tasks. You can also set and change project deadlines and set project goals effortlessly to ensure you are on the right track throughout. Now easily keep track of your progress with Todoist’s measurement and reporting feature.
  3. Zoom Cloud Meetings
    Zoom is a video conferencing app and one of the best android applications for connecting with teams. It supports over 200 participants, but this number changes for different price tiers. This app has average connection stability, with screen sharing services, presentation, and many other features. Zoom is an amazing app that scales up really well. It provides video telephony and other chat services through a cloud-based software platform, and you can use it for business conferences, telecommunication, and social relations. Moreover, connecting with team members from anywhere in the world is made easy by Zoom Cloud Meetings.
  4. Zapier
    Zapier is an automation android app that saves teams plenty of time on repetitive tasks and switching between apps. Generally, Zapier sends data between Trello and Gmail, so the emails are automatically sent if anything changes in Trello. There is much automation already available in Zapier. You can use this automation to handle repetitive tasks within different apps smoothly, and you can also create your own. By adding this automation, your team will spend less time on monotonous tasks and will be able to focus more on complex tasks. Zapier is a very gentle launch in business automation. However, it can make a real impact on the routine activities of your teams.
  5. PayPal Application
    PayPal is one of the best business android apps mainly used by small and medium-sized enterprises. A massive number of organizations use PayPal to manage transactions and invoices. Paypal is a great option to pay the employees. Many businesses set up a PayPal Business account that allows them to send and receive money quickly. The mobile version of PayPal also supports fingerprint features to enhance security. It also provides users with the ability to check the account balance and the PayPalCredit Balance, and many more. Therefore, PayPal is one of the best apps for SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) to manage all the transactions easily and quickly.
  6. Spark
    Spark is a much more efficient Android Application. It is an email client that turns your inbox into an asset. Spark’s smart inbox automatically categorizes the emails from the accounts assigned to it. It allows you to filter out the emails that are vital for you. This android application has many features, including snoozing emails for later, assigning emails and chat with the team members, and scheduling the emails to send later. Spark Application allows the team members to work on the same email simultaneously while communicating through instant messaging features. It means all the essential details can be accurately added to the email by the appropriate person. 

Concluding Thoughts

Android App Development Services is now the basic need for businesses to grow. Successful Organizations require innovative methodologies and resources for easy management of the business. When you choose the proper android application, you can be assured that your business is built and managed well. Therefore, this is our collection of the best Android Apps for your business management. Identify the right app from the above list and enjoy managing your business efficiently.


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