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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

Excessive digital device usage has increased the number of vision loss or eye diseases worldwide. Not even adults but also teens have begun to experience eye problems these days. We can’t forbid screen usage and leave the digital world aside, but we should learn how to keep the eye healthy.

A survey shows that 82% of people over 50 age suffer from vision loss or eye-related problems. The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. No one wants to skip on the beautiful colors of the world, Right?

When a person avoids the early signs of eye disease, it often leads to irreversible vision loss. All we can do is to maintain the eyes’ health and follow the ways that can reduce the chances of eye diseases. 

Proven Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy 


  1. Quit Smoking

We can’t deny the fact that smoking is dangerous for health. Studies show that it also leaves negative impacts on our eyes as it develops age-related macular degeneration and can cause cataracts and damage the optic nerve. Such conditions are the roots of vision loss. If you have started to experience some signs of eye diseases due to smoking, quite it or before it leads to blindness. 

  1. Protect Your Eyes from Injuries


Around 800,000 injuries occur every year at job places. People avoid protective wear at work, which results in injuries. One of the Best Eye Specialists in Rawalpindi reveals that using protective eyewear can reduce the chances of eye injuries up to 90%. What protective wear you should consider while doing activities?


  • Goggles
  • Eye guards
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety shields
  • Polycarbonate protective eyewear lenses


Teens’ eye injuries have also been increasing as they do not wear sunglasses or protective eyewear while playing sports. 15% of kids suffer from eye injuries every year. Such injuries often cause damage to retina blood vessels and become the reason for vision loss. 

  1. Manage your Diabetes

One of the most common causes of vision loss is diabetes. People over age 50 should consult with a doctor to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. 


What we should do for eye health if we have diabetes? 

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Include healthy food in your diet plan
  • Control blood sugar
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stop alcohol consumption
  • Quit smoking to manage diabetes

  1. Keep Healthy Weight

We have discussed how diabetes can damage your eyes, and here, we have come with one of its root causes, which is being obese. Overweight is the major cause of developing diabetes that leads to vision loss. You can get help from a nutritionist and get a diet plan to manage a healthy weight. What are the benefits of maintaining your weight?


  • Allow blood to circulate efficiently
  • Reduce the chances to cause heart disease and diabetes
  • Gives you more energy 
  • Prevent from breathing problems


  1.     Visit Ophthalmologist for Initial Eye Screening

For eye screening, you should not wait to experience the signs of eye disease. Visiting an ophthalmologist can help you learn if there is any disease that is developing. Initial eye screening will help you to learn if you can suffer from inherited eye disease. 

Other medical conditions can also cause eye health issues and develop irreversible vision loss. According to the experts of Southeast Hospital, Exercise and a healthy diet for your eyes can prevent you from many eye problems. Here, you can learn about the most common eye problems:


  • Refractive errors
  • Diabetic retinopathy 
  • Amblyopia 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Strabismus 
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration 


To really be sure about your eye health, you should talk with an eye care professional. Many eye diseases show no sign of early conditions but can lead to vision loss if not treated on time. Age-related eye problems can also take your eyesight, but you can keep them safe from visiting an eye specialist. Vitamin deficiency can damage your retinal function. We should increase the intake of dark leafy greens as they are rich in iron, fiber, magnesium, etc. 

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