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Top 3 Universities to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Here we share the top 3 universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students with all important details. You can also know the fee or all living expenses.

Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KMU)

The history of the Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KMU) dates back to the year 1992. This university has 200+ professors who train by world-class doctors. The college allows students to choose a particular language to study MBBS in Kazakhstan medial university, i.e. Russian language and English language, and have a chance to study foreign languages intensively from the 1st year of the course. Academic groups consist of 6 to 10 students. The institute of education focuses on classroom practice and laboratory practice. The Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KMU) introduces modern technologies in the fields of epidemiology, oncology, endocrinology, pediatrics, and rehabilitation. This university offers medical students an opportunity to participate in cultural and youth activities held on campus.

Key Highlights of Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KMU)

  1. Establishment – 1922
  2. Location – Almaty
  3. Medium of Instruction – English Language and Russian Language
  4. Number of Students – 4000+ students studying in Kazakhstan
  5. Package US $ – 25700 US $ approximately
  6. Package IN Rupees – 1927500 IN Rupees approximately

Semey State Medical University (SSMU)

In 1953, Semey Medical University (SMU) launched a high-quality curriculum that began with 320 students. The Semey State Medical University (SSMU) accepts students from countries such as Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Nepal, Mongolia, and so on. There are 1500 faculty, staff, professors, teachers, and physicians. Every year more than 600 students are admitted to the Semey State Medical University (SSMU). It is a multi-medical university, educational, and cultural center in East Kazakhstan. You have the right to enter the NEET, i.e. the (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination), and after the 12th standard. The city feels high temperatures in summer and cool cold in winter. It has an electronic library called “Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library”, which opened in the year 2014.

Key Highlights of Semey State Medical University (SSMU)

  1. Establishment – 1953
  2. Location – Semey
  3. Medium of Instruction – English Language and Russian Language
  4. Number of Students – 4000+ students studying in Kazakhstan
  5. Package US $ – 23500 US $ approximately
  6. Package IN Rupees – 1762500 IN Rupees approximately

Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU)

Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU) is one of the best MBBS universities in the country. The most famous university in Kazakhstan is located in Almaty city of Kazakhstan. This college was founded in the year 1930. The government classified this University as ‘National’ in 2001. It holds a student population of 11000 as a graduate medical student. In addition to studying at the undergraduate level, students come to the university to teach themselves for their doctoral or Ph.D.

There Are 8 Faculties Such As –

  1. General Medicine
  2. Therapeutic
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Medico-Prophylactic
  5. Dentistry
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Public Health Management
  8. Pharmaceutical and Postgraduate

The university has become a center of medical education by providing high-quality education and clinical knowledge to future a doctor.

Key Highlights of Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU)

  1. Establishment – 1930
  2. Location – Almaty
  3. Medium of Instruction – English Language and Russian Language
  4. Number of Students – 11000+ students studying in Kazakhstan
  5. Package US $ – 25000 US $ approximately
  6. Package IN Rupees – 1875000 IN Rupees approximately

These 3 top universities of Kazakhstan are counted as the best university for Indian as well international students. You can also know all details about these top 3 universities of Kazakhstan.

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