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Tooth Extraction: All you need to know

Tooth removal is a procedure in which infected, crowded or decayed teeth are removed. You may also need to remove it when you go under chemotherapy, organ transplant, or while getting braces so that they can be adjusted in the mouth. This procedure is mainly done by giving anesthesia to the patient so that no pain or discomfort can be felt during the procedure. The important fact is that removing front teeth is easy, but broken or impacted teeth require extra effort. 

Factors resulting in tooth extraction 

  1. if a tooth is decayed or infected excessively 
  2. if a tooth is broken by accident 
  3. if a patient experiences CVR gum diseases 
  4. if a patient has crooked teeth 
  5. if there is not enough room for wisdom teeth 

Extraction Cost

Generally, in many countries even a simple procedure like tooth extraction can be costly, the average cost of tooth extraction in the USA depending on anesthesia may vary anything between $75 to $200 per tooth but when it comes to extraction of wisdom teeth it may vary between 180 $ to 294 $ depending on the impact on the tooth. 

Tooth extraction Somerville can give you various options at a very reasonable price like other treatments. We always make sure that the customer gets the best treatment without compromising any quality.


Tooth removal Somerville will take an x-ray to know the exact problem and the patient has to tell everything about their physical health like if they have any condition like: 

  1. congenital heart defect 
  2. diabetes 
  3. thyroid 
  4. liver and referral disease 
  5. hypertension 
  6. an artificial joint adrenal disease 
  7. impaired immune system 
  8. damage heart halves 

Patients also have to inform if they consume any supplement or medication to avoid the risk of bone known as osteonecrosis.

Before further moving, they may give you medication if 

  1. your immune system is weak 
  2. Do you have any kind of infection 
  3. The surgery may need a longer time than expected 
  4. you have a particular medical condition 

There are two types of tooth extraction based on the visibility of tooth or impact 

  1. Simple extraction 

Under this procedure, local anesthesia is given in which numb the affected area, so the tooth can be loosened using the elevator and removed with forceps without feeling any pain.

  1. Surgical extraction 

Under this process, the dentist will give both intravenous and local anesthesia to make you relaxed, and then a small incision will be used to cut the gum. They may cut the bone around the tooth for extraction if you have a medical condition, the dentist may also give you general anesthesia.

Various risks you may face after extraction

  1. A blood clot may not form in the pocket (where the tooth is removed) resulting in exposure of bone which will further need dressing.
  2. High temperature and severe chills which indicate infection
  3. Excessive bleeding
  4. Cough
  5. Vomiting and nausea
  6. Redness and swelling
  7. Shortness of breath and chest pain

Things to remember during the recovery from extraction mentioned by Tooth dentist Somerville

  1. Apply ice pack immediately to avoid swelling
  2. Bite down the gauze to minimize bleeding and promote the formation of a blood clot.
  3. Take all the prescribed medicines on time
  4. Rest and don’t jump to daily activities
  5. Don’t rinse your mouth and spit gently
  6. Don’t smoke
  7. Use a straw for at least one day.
  8. Use pillows to keep your head up
  9. Floss and brush leaving the treated area
  10. Consume easily to bite food like pudding, yogurt, and applesauce
  11. Use saltwater the next day to rinse your mouth

Our team is always ready to assist you if you have an oral problem. In case you have any queries regarding your oral or dental condition, please schedule an appointment with us today.

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