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Tips to Make a House Move Safe in Perth

It’s no wonder that moving home one of the most stressful things that people have to deal with. No one likes it but we’re quick at criticizing removalists when problems arise.

Sometimes, it’s justifiable. However, not all problems with moving result from the actions of the people who transport your possessions. The way customers behave could make an already hard job even more challenging. The good news is that there are things you can do to ensure that your move goes more easily (and your life and the removalists less stressful).

Develop a master strategy

Begin with a moving plan with a list of items that you must do. What cleaning and repairs do you have to take care of? What do you bring along and what will you be donating or rehousing, or getting rid of? Who are you required to inform of the new address? Are you in the process of organising the utilities for your new residence and have arranged to cancel them at your previous one? A clear and organized plan can aid you in saving energy, time and money.


The most important thing to remember for selling or moving homes is to clear out your home of clutter. If you are able to clean your cupboards and wardrobes prior to when you list your house This will save you time during packing and let you show off your home with no unnecessary clutter. There are things in our homes that we cherish that we just don’t want to part with however if they do not contribute to the overall appeal of your house, then pack the items and keep them safe.

Donate, sell, or give it away

Once you’ve sorted through the things are no longer needed take a look at what you can offer for sale, donation or paying it forward. Garage sales and Gumtree are great ways of selling items you no longer need. Consider donating them to different charitable organizations as many of them are able to make use of your unwanted possessions. Facebook also has a number of “Pay It Forward” pages within each town therefore if you wish for your charitable cause to remain nearer to your home, consider giving items away on these channels as well.

Keep the boxes lit

The local grocery store may have boxes to pack your items. You can also look on Gumtree as well as Facebook. Be sure to have enough packing tape as well as the marking pen needed to mark the boxes. Although tempting as it may be, don’t over-pack your boxes. Check regularly how comfortable you can lift them. And if you’re unsure regarding moving something be sure to seek assistance.

Label the boxes

Labeling boxes is a helpful tip that makes moving simpler. Be aware of what’s inside, and also the destination room for each box. Note down each box so that you don’t forget. Every box can fall by the side of the road during a hectic moving process, so labeling the boxes will assist you in unpacking your new home as well.


In order to make your move as secure as you can for you and your belongings ensure that fragile and sharp objects are safely wrapped. Newspaper and bubble wrap are great choices for packing, as are bedding, towels and clothes. Consider organizing a caretaker for pets and children for the moving day, as there will be a lot of large items being moved through the doors of homes and trucks.

One room at one time

The process of packing a home isn’t easy, and so having a room done can help keep your motivation high. If you’re overwhelmed you can ask your family members and your friends for help. Adults and older children (who are familiar with their bedrooms) could be given the task of cleaning and packing up their rooms.

Make sure that traffic areas are clear

When you are moving boxes upstairs, down the stairs and through rooms, ensure that the areas of traffic are clear. If rooms that are smaller are filled with boxes, you can move them into larger rooms around the property. Also, make sure that doorways are clear.

Employ movers who are professional

If you have a budget that is flexible, then you must think about hiring professional removalists to help you with the move. Removalists or cheap movers Perth do not just move furniture and boxes but can also help you pack the entire house. They’re quick, efficient and fully insured.


After you’ve packed everything, take a wipe of your shelves using a damp towel to ensure you didn’t leave any valuable objects left behind. Close all doors, windows and drapes. Close the front doors and on the sides door(s) and the back door.

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