Tips To Ensure Passing The Mot Test

Many vehicles fail the MOT test due to the negligence of their owners.

The failing of the test could be avoided if regular care is taken of the car by performing easy checks now and then. This would not just ensure that the car passes the test but also would save your time, money, and effort. Compromising safety is never a good idea; hence you should prevent becoming negligent or unaware when it comes to maintaining your car’s health.

How could you avoid failing the MOT test?

1. Lights of the Vehicle

Checking the lights of your car is one of the simplest things you could do at your level at home. Just switch the fog light, hazard light, headlights, and indicators on and inspect their condition. To check the brake lights, you could ask someone to check them for you while you apply the brake pedal. If the bulb is broken, you would require purchasing a new one and installing it by yourself.

2. Depth of the Tyre’s Tread

If the depth of the tread is incorrect, your car could fail the test. Hence, you could check the depth by performing the coin test. The depth of the tread should be within the legal limit as it would otherwise compromise the grip of the tyre on the road.

3. Condition of the Tyre

The sidewall of the tyre should be checked for any cuts, bulges, cracks, and lumps. If any such damage is found on the sidewall, your car might fail the test. It is important that you get the damage inspected and corrected by an expert.

4. Car’s Windscreen

The windscreen should be devoid of any stickers or parking permits that could block the view of the driver while driving. There should no damage on the screen as well as it would hinder the driver’s view as well. If there is, the windscreen should be replaced immediately.

5. Washers & Wipers

The washers and wipers should be functioning well and should not be damaged. The screenwash should also be topped up before taking your car to the test.

6. Brakes

If you hear some weird noise in your brakes or if the car pulls over to one side upon braking, they should be checked immediately. A faulty or damaged brake could be dangerous for your and the other users on the road. The fluid level in the brake should be filled and the brake pads should also be working fine.

7. Seat Belts

The condition of the seat belts in terms of their length, resistance to force when brakes are applied and any other damage should be checked thoroughly.

8. Car’s Registration Plates

The registration plates on your car on the front and back should be legible, clean, and as per the guidelines laid by the MOT test authorities.

9. Windows & Mirrors

The windows and mirrors should be clean and chip-free ensuring that they are not hindering the driver’s view while driving. If they are impaired, make sure you get them repaired or replaced before heading for the MOT test.

10. Car’s Body & Structure

The car should be minus any damage like sharp edges that could cause harm to the pedestrians or other cars. It should also be clean inside out without any mess or clutter.


Remember to start taking care of your car as soon as you purchase it. This would save you from the hassle that you might face in the longer run. It would help you get into the habit of looking after your car. Adherence to government rules is important as they are made for the betterment of the people. In the case of MOT Morecambe, it ensures that everyone is safe, secure, and healthy at all times.

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