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Tips to avoid tooth loss

A lot of people lose their natural teeth at some point of time in their lives. Every person thinks of maintaining natural teeth throughout their life. However, due to negligence in daily life, a person might lose their natural teeth. It can be prevented for sure by adopting some daily habits. Preventive dentistry Farmington Hills suggests some tips to avoid losing teeth.

The most common reason for losing a tooth is bad oral hygiene which results in tooth decay and gum problems. You cannot ignore your oral hygiene as it is also an important part and plays a vital role in your daily activities. Below are the tips to keep your mouth healthy.

  • Regular brushing and flossing

Preventive Dentist Farmington Hills believes and it is proved that good oral hygiene is very important to keep up with clean and healthy teeth. We know from childhood that we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day as at night the food which is stuck in our mouth is required to be cleaned.

Some dentists even suggest keeping the mouth clean after every meal. Brushing after every meal is not practically possible but you can rinse your mouth after the meal or you can have gum (sugar-free) after your meal.

  • Visit dentist regularly

Visiting the dentist every six months will make you keep track of your dental hygiene. Your dentist will give you cleaning tips to be followed and will clean your teeth with fluoride solution. This will prevent your teeth from cavities which might cause tooth decay. Your dentist will remove tartar if you have any.

The regular visits will also help your dentist provide your necessary suggestions and keep a check on any health problems. These issues when tracked at an early stage can be cured easily before it’s too late.

Say no to tobacco

Tobacco products contain chemicals and nicotine which will harm your oral hygiene directly. Cigarettes and other tobacco products stain your teeth and leave you with gum diseases. This will eventually lead to tooth loss. You can minimize the chances of unhealthy gums and oral cancer by avoiding tobacco.

If you are habitual of tobacco daily, we don’t suggest you stop taking it immediately, as it might affect you adversely. Talk to family dentist Farmington Hills and tell them about your intake. They’ll suggest over-the-counter products to kick out your bad habit.

  • Diet plans

Diet plans are not only for weight loss or fit body shape. Some sugary food habits might cause your cavity which leads to tooth decay. Food items having a lot of carbohydrates such as soda, candy should be avoided. You can consume them occasionally, but if you feel your consumption is very high, we would suggest you reduce it by the time.

You can also add the habit of rinsing your mouth every time you intake such food items. This will help you keep up with oral hygiene. You can also use a straw while consuming soda as it will not directly affect your teeth.

Following such tips and keeping track of your oral hygiene will help you not lose your teeth. Just be honest, who doesn’t want natural teeth for life? Who wants to get those dental treatments? Nobody, right? So, book your appointment today for preventive dentistry, because of course, Prevention is better than cure.


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