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Tips For Making Money Using Google Adsense

Almost anyone interested to earn from home online through Youtube or bloggers has heard the term Google Adsense. But what is it?

Well, it’s an advertising program that allows you to view ads on your websites, blog, youtube, or any platform that supports it and make money when someone clicks it. These ads are generated from businesses that use the Google Adsense program. You can add them easily by adding a special code to your blog or website. Also, it’s one of the fasted methods for creating an effective income funnel for new blogs and websites.

Types Of Advertisement

By now you should have a basic understanding of google adsence and how you can earn using it. Now let’s talk about what types of advertisements can you show to your visitors. Yeah, you heard it right there is more than one type of advertisement. Such as,

  • Text
  • Images
  • Interactive Ads
  • Animated Images
  • Videos
  • Adsence For Search

Many think that there are only banner or image ads but now you see there are other ads as well.

Getting Payment

Yeah, there are various types of ads and they all might look different but they pay the same way through the interaction between them and the visitors. But how do you get the payment that you earn? And how can you keep track of it?

You get paid through the platform so naturally, you can keep track of it using your adsense account. The minimum threshold that is needed to withdraw the amount is $100. This means that you have to have an earning of $100 to start withdrawing from your adsence account.

Tips On Using Adsense For Making Money

So now you wanna start earning money by utilizing your adsense account to its maximum potential. But don’t know how? Let me give you some tips regarding this.

  • Follow Google Rules
    Google is very strict. If you break any of their rules and policies then your account would be banned indefinitely. Like using an automated traffic generator, buying Pay Per Click (PPC) space, or faking clicks can not only block your account but also blacklist the platform that was using them. So it’s best to use an organic and honest approach. That way your account can earn without the fear of getting banned by google.
  • Utilize The Placements
    Another important way to earn the maximum amount possible from an ad is to utilize their placement accordingly. Placing ads that blend with your theme in areas that don’t highlight them won’t allow the visitors to notice them. Some even put small ads at the corner of the page where visitors might not even look at. These types of placements undermine the ads and prevent the platform from utilizing their presence.
    Thus it’s best to experiment with the placement and where which types of ads are highlighted in which space. So that when people visit your platform they notice them from the get-go.

Monitor Regularly
When talking about testing placement or how your ads work you first need to see the interaction between the visitors and ads. And for that, you have to monitor your website on a regular basis. So that you can check and update your ads as well as their placements depending on the user’s behavior toward them.

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