Things You Should Know About Concrete Overlays

concrete overlay

If your floor gets some cracks or holes, it might need some repair. It gets complete more interestingly, and it will get better than it was earlier with concrete overlaying. It is a method that gives your floor a more distinctive appearance.

Concrete overlay means applying a thin layer of concrete cement-based product on the existing concrete for repairing and other reasons. 

Well, before applying any overlaying product, you must know the things related to it. In this blog, we have listed a few things that you should know while fixing your concrete. 

Things You Should Know About Concrete Overlays

1 It may use over the walls:

You can apply this concrete over the surface of the wall without harming its existing look. Well, there are two different horizontal or vertical overlays. Both differ from each other as a vertical overlay has less weight in material that makes it stick on the walls. This material does not sag down but needs some extra mixtures to get the strength. 

2 You need professionals to overlap concrete:

If you think it’s an easy process to perform a concrete overlay on your own, then you are wrong. It needs perfection in preparing the mixture to get a better finish and shape. So, you will need to hire a concrete professional with great knowledge about it. They better know about the equipment that they need for their job. Professionals will also help to determine the cracks that are ignorable and which are easy to fix. It’s good to hire professionals as you will not face any further consequences while dealing with these situations. 

3 Prepare concrete before applying:

Concrete overlay goes through many steps and needs some preparation work before applying it for repair. Factors like determining if the concrete is suitable for resurfacing are necessary before applying it. Firstly check which surface is heavily damaged and make it clean before repairing. For cleaning, you will require a high-pressure washing that helps in removing the dirt, dust, and soil off. Once the surface gets clean, the professionals will apply the concrete over the surface to repair it. 

Different types of concrete overlaying:

After determining a few things about concrete overlay, it’s crucial to know some common types of resurfacing that come into use. 

1 Microtopping:

This method helps in preventing the small damaged spots on the surface. It comes with different color options like broadcast dry pigment-accent with stains-dyes. After applying, it gives two finishing options like smooth or textured. 

2 Stamped: 

It is another type of concrete overlaying used for both indoor and outdoor. It gives a stamped texture to the concrete slab in a finishing appearance like wooden tiles, ordinary tile, slabs, or stone. It also comes in various color options like broadcast pigments, colored liquid, powdered releases, stains, dyes, and tinted sealers.

3 Spray down: 

Spray down allows you various finishing options, such as a splatter coat or a knock-down look. It also has different color options like stains, dyes, and tones. You can add pre-colored blends or any other color during the mixing process. 

4 Self- leveling:

It is the inconstant type of overlay among all. You need to be careful and fast to avoid further mistakes as it has a short working window. It has various color options like others, such as integral pigments mixing, stains, or dyes. It gives a saw cut finishing or engraved designs on it. 

Some Important Facts you Should consider

1 Concrete overlay is for the minor pits, holes, and cracks. Keep this thing in mind that these overlays also get cracked or broken with time. If your concrete is heavily damaged, it cannot last for a long time. 

2 If you have considered concrete overlay to repair the existing concrete, you must also keep the weather conditions in your mind. You should know that moisture and other weather conditions can delaminate or crack the overlay. 

3 You should get better product content when it comes to overlaying. Choose high-quality, more advanced, and environment-friendly products. If your product is made of the finest products, it will last longer and looks much better. 

4 For small cracks and holes, instead of replacing the entire surface with a new one, try to consider overlay. It will help to give your surface a new shine and will cost you less. 


Concrete overlay is the best method to repair your surface or walls. It comes with easy maintenance in different styles and patterns. So, if you want to make concrete grinding in Melbourne city, you can go for concrete resurfacing as it is cost-efficient and can last longer. 

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