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Things To Follow For A Better Hair Transplant Result Post-Treatment

Taking proper care right after the hair transplant surgery is an essential factor that would determine your recovery speed. It would also ensure that you do not face any kind of complication. It is an extensive surgery that requires the doctor to perform an intricate procedure that requires complete care after the process is done. There is a list of things you need to know and follow in order to achieve it.

Instruction To Follow Post Hair Transplant Surgery

After you have undergone the procedure of Hair Transplant in Punjab, the responsibility lies upon you to check for any mishappening and do as the doctor instructed for at least two to three weeks. Given below are some things you need to follow right after the hair transplant surgery.

  • Do not drive after the procedure.

Most of the time, the hair restoration process is done under the influence of anesthesia; this is the reason why the doctor suggests the patient arrange transport where they would not have to drive. In fact, we greatly advise you not to drive for at least 24 hours post the hair fall treatment. Ensure that you have somebody to drop and pick you up from the hospital. Or you can even tell the staff members to book a cab/ taxi if you do not have any other alternative.

  • Do not sleep flat

There are many patients who observe mild swelling, they are often advised to sleep elevated. Not everyone has the consequence of swelling (which is a normal risk after the Hair Transplant in Vizag). Thus it is essential to know that if you are not feeling any swelling, you can, in fact, sleep like usual. But if there is a mild complication, try to sleep with some pillow to elevate it for at least seven days.

  • Do not forget to take your antibiotics.

The Hair Transplant Cost does not allow you to be irresponsible with your choices. That is why do not forget to take your anti-biotics recommended by the doctors. Apart from that, you are also not supposed to avoid the labels that instruct you on what to do and what not to do. Driving right after that or lifting some heavy equipment is a big no-no. You are also to keep a close eye on how much over-the-counter medication you consume. Remember, “Excess of anything is bad.” Do not take certain medicines like painkillers on an empty stomach as it could lead to gastrointestinal conditions.

  • Do not scrub your hair or shower.

The doctor would also recommend you not to take a bath for at least 48 hours post hair fall treatment. After two days, you are allowed to wash your hair gently. Try to avoid washing your hair aggressively even if you have crossed a week post-surgery. Apart from that, you are also not allowed to blast your shower stream directly onto the scalp. Instead, you are to use a cup to rinse the leather off your scalp.

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