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Things to consider while buying an automatic coffee maker

You cannot survive a day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It is tough to make one such cup in the morning when you have piles of work to finish. Most of us do not have assistants who will measure the beans, grind them, compress the whole thing and let the coffee brew for some time. You need to do the whole process by yourself unless you have a high-end automatic coffee maker at your place. 

Having such an automatic machine can save your soul. If you are worried about which brand to choose from, here is our pick. You should always check the qualities of a coffee machine and not the brand name. So go through this list of qualities you must find in a coffee machine before buying it. 

Look for varieties: Which type of coffee do you prefer? Is it black coffee or the ready-to-go type of coffee? Do you prefer Americano, or Cappuccino, or Latte? Depending on the type of coffee, you should choose the coffee machine. Every coffee machine cannot make all types of coffee, though some of them can prepare more than one type of coffee. If you prefer froth in your coffee cup, then you have to look for a machine that can prepare natural froth in your coffee cup. Some coffee machines can dispense both hot water and hot milk. So, you have to choose wisely before finalizing one coffee maker for your office. 

How frequently do you consume a cup of coffee?

If you consume one cup of coffee in the morning and another one in the evening, then you need one type of coffee machine. People who continuously consume coffee throughout the day need a thermal carafe and a coffee maker. People that have once or twice a cup of coffee can go ahead with a coffee machine with a warming plate. The warming plate helps the coffee to stay hot for longer hours. But as it keeps the coffee hot, you may get a slightly burnt taste in your coffee. If you are okay with it, you can buy such models. 

Choose a machine according to the capacity: The capacity of the coffee machine is very important. If you are alone in your cabin and do not want more than a cup of coffee once, then single-serving coffee machines are good for you. If you have colleagues around you who are also coffee lovers like you, then you need to go for higher serving options. While buying a coffee machine for more than one person, you need to consider a lot of things. At the time of buying an automatic coffee machine, you have to consider the dump box, hopper, water tank, etc. You need to gather more information about these things before buying the perfect product for your use. 

Find a machine that works faster: Timings matter a lot when you run a company. You do not have a whole day to brew a cup of coffee for yourself. So, you need to look for a coffee machine that works faster. There is no point in buying a coffee machine if you can make yourself a cup of coffee in the same time duration! So, you need to look for something that works faster. In the morning you have lots of work to finish, and you cannot spend a lot of time on just a cup of coffee! You need to find a machine that can continuously brew coffee at the highest temperature. 

Where to place the coffee maker?

You need to make a space where you can keep the coffee machine. Coffee machines, of course, have wires, and you should keep them close to the socket point. Automatic coffee machines need a source of water from where they will grab water when needed. So, place it somewhere near to a water source and a socket point. But, most importantly, you need to make space for it. Does your office have some perfect space for this small little bundle of joy? If not, you need to clean some stuff and create a place where you can put the coffee maker. 

Find a user-friendly product: Sometimes, we go by the reviews and buy products with complicated working principles. You do not want a coffee machine that requires a lot of work for a cup of coffee! Daily usage machines should be user-friendly. Find a coffee machine that you can operate by pressing only a few buttons. It is not handy if you need to follow a lot of steps to get a cup of coffee every time. So, find a machine that doesn’t make you work a lot, and you can get a cup of freshly brewed coffee by pressing only a few buttons. 

Is there any noise? Is it noisy? Some automatic coffee makers make a lot of noise while preparing a cup of coffee. Coffee machines with bean grinders will make some sound for sure. But if the process takes only a few seconds, then it won’t hurt your eardrums a lot. But you should ask for a demonstration before buying it. Ask the salesman to show how the machine works. If it makes a lot of sounds, then it is not the best choice. Some coffee machines do not make a lot of sounds, irrespective of having a bean grinder in them. 

Can you clean it easily?

Now let’s head towards the most important feature of a coffee machine apart from making a cup of coffee. How to clean the machine? It is not possible for a busy bee like you to detach all the parts of the machine and clean separately at the end of the day. You have worked a lot, and you are tired enough. It will not be possible for you to clean the coffee machine every day. You must have a drip tray along with your coffee machine to keep the room clean. But you have to throw away the used grounds. Some automatic coffee makers come with self-cleaning features. These machines also have descaling features too. If you do not have enough time in your hands, you must look for a product that offers self-cleaning features. 

Check the warranty of the product: When you are buying a pricey piece of product, you need to check the warranty given by the seller. Go through the reviews and check how responsive customer care is. You must check if the company has a servicing center near your place. You must check the servicing feature of the company. You must not buy the product before you get any information regarding the servicing of the coffee maker and the warranty provided by the company. 

Does it have smart functions?

Read online reviews to know more about the most promising and popular coffee makers available in the market. You need to choose a machine that has been working wonderfully for years. You can also ask your friends and colleagues for suggestions. Check whether your coffee machine has smart features or not. Does it have an auto-start and auto-stop facility? If not, then you must not go ahead buying an older product. You can operate some high-end coffee machines with your smartphone only. So, choose a coffee machine as per your requirements. 


Now that you know all the features of a coffee machine, it will be easier for you to choose one for your house and office. Do not waste a lot of money on products that are not suitable for you. Choose a machine according to your choice of coffee. 

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