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Things That Makes You Safe And Clean

After the spike of Covid-19, the question of cleanliness has become a big concern. Not only India but the whole world are affected by the dangerous virus. Till now Covid affected billions of people across the globe, so now people started taking covid proper behavior. Thus, the production of sanitization products like disinfectant wipes, sanitizers, and masks increased accordingly to keep everyone safe. Masks, sanitizers, and hand wipes are now part of our lives. To ensure safety from Covid, we all should take proper safety measures and choose the best for ourselves.

Mask is something that has become more close to us and it is playing a key role to protect us from Covid. There are many types of masks in the market, some of them are surgical masks, 2 ply masks, 3 ply masks, n95 masks, kn95 masks, etc.

Every mask is different from the other but health officers suggested wearing the n95 mask as it is highly protected than other masks. By seeing the excessive demand for n95 masks across the nation, n95 mask manufacturers started producing masks in mass quantities.

Masks are the major object to fight coronavirus. It protects the wearer from aerosols and vapors that are dangerous for health. Mask also protects against very small hazardous air particles. Not only Covid but it also saves from air pollution as well. Air pollution can cause asthma, allergies, etc. And anti-pollution masks are the best option to protect against air pollution problems. There is no doubt that a mask is important to fight against Covid as well as air pollution.  

How These Things Prevent Us From Covid?

As we all know, the third wave of covid-19 knocking on the door, and the world is not prepared yet. There is no alternative way to protect ourselves against covid except vaccination and cleanliness products like masks and sanitizers.

Masks: As mentioned above, there are different types of masks that can be used according to its need. Although the n95 mask is highly recommended as time is passing quickly people created new ways to cover their faces. A cloth mask is one of them. 3 Ply Mask or Cloth masks also prevent us from droplets and it is non-irritable and cheap at cost. Mask that has a bendable nose strip helps to protect the air from leaking out. There is another alternative that is the face shield, it is basically used by healthcare workers but the mask is irreplaceable. Masks are the need of today.

Hand Sanitizers: Washing hands frequently from the soap can reduce the chance of Covid as it is transmitted through physical contact as well. We can not carry soaps everywhere so the alternative to soap is now hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are easy to use and it does not require water to be used. It also makes hands smooth and moistures hands. The sanitizer sachet is easy to carry anywhere and use anytime. Sanitizers kill all the germs with an effectiveness of 99%. People should use sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent of alcohol.

Take Safety Measures

People should be aware of the use of masks and sanitizers. It is high time to take all the safety measures. To break the chain of Covid we all should apply Covid proper behavior. Vaccination and appropriate behavior of Covid can surely help the world to get rid of this dangerous disease.

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