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Custom Boxes

I hate testing perfumes from their custom printed perfume boxes one after another. It leaves me nauseous and triggers a headache. Sometimes I wonder how others claim that they find their signature scents easily. Every time I have to buy perfume for myself or someone else, it leaves me sick. Sometimes I do find a suitable perfume for myself that does not make me feel ill, but after a couple of hours, it leaves me with a throbbing head. So, this time, when my sister insisted I go with her to restock her stash of perfumes, I researched a bit about how to make myself suffer less. The first thing I learned was to remain away from the sharp fragrances. Every time, my sister selected a fresh box from the custom printed perfume boxes, I would ask the sales rep if the notes were strong and took a step back if they were.

It amazed me at the latest range of perfumes and their perfume packaging boxes available at our local mart. We usually have to wait for the holiday season to buy premium perfumes in our town. But this time around, it mesmerized me at the variety and the sophisticated perfume packaging boxes displayed on the retail shelves.  As my sister tried one perfume after another, I roamed around the perfume section, looking at the latest collection of perfumes for women. I wanted to buy something for myself but did not want a throbbing headache. Those who suffer symptoms like me must only try two to three perfumes in one go and not anymore. I knew that if I wanted to buy perfume, I will need twenty-four hours to check how the fragrance grows on my skin.

Types of perfume boxes in USA

As I looked around the aisles, I realized something. The manufactures of perfume boxes in USA are offering versatile perfume boxes for brands. Some of these boxes included;

The brands that wanted to reduce litter opt for Kraft boxes –. They are providing green packaging solutions for their customers. The perfume boxes made from Kraft can perish on their own emitting no harmful chemicals or gas. It can print them in different colors to make them attractive. These boxes are sturdy enough to protect the perfume vials inside.

Custom printed sleeves

Some green brands operating in the perfume industry want to prevent the depletion of the planet’s resources. Hence, instead of offering boxes for bottles, they use custom printed sleeves around perfume bottles in attractive shapes. These sleeves include branding elements and product information. They even carry the flame symbol to indicate that the product is flammable and must be kept away from fire.

Luxury perfume packaging boxes – These boxes are made from the strongest cardboard stocks that provide maximum protection to the bottles inside. Most times, people cannot identify that they are made from cardboard and mistake them for wooden boxes. They remain usable for many years and are opted by the brands to strengthen their brand loyalty.

Ordering custom perfume boxes

When going through the custom printed perfume boxes, it is vital to remember a few jargons. The musky fragrances are the one which is similar to clean laundry scents. The smoky notes in perfumes smell like cedarwood. The story’s perfumes have lime, orange, or lemon notes. They are popular during summer. If you are a perfume brand seeking impressive perfume retail boxes, then check out the latest customized options created by the Californian-based ClipnBox packaging company at economical rates. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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