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The Usefulness Of Social Media Marketing For Your Website

While social media marketing companies are becoming increasingly popular, they allow companies to reach millions of consumers around the world. In doing so, they deprive themselves of an interesting opportunity to achieve their goals.

  • Increase awareness of your website and business

Our Social media marketing company in Wigan will help increase awareness of your company through three levers:

  • Increasing the reach of your messages.
  • The sentiment/messages made by your posts.
  • The influence that you enjoy in the communities in which you participate.

Create and share relevant content, tie relationships with influential professionals, participate in conversations, focus on quality over quantity, etc.

  •  Increase traffic to your website

In recent years, social media have become important sources of traffic for publishers of web sites.

In the US, Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that generate the most traffic. However, there are other platforms, some of which are highly specialized. This has an advantage for obtaining a targeted traffic.

Add social sharing buttons to your website, provide the URL of your website on your social profiles. Facilitate the subscription by inserting your website links to your social profiles, etc.

Social media has opened the way to social referencing. Today, Google is increasing the search results based on content from social media.

In addition, Google uses indicators from “social media” to determine the suitability of the information shared. Finally, social referencing is even more important today with the arrival of social networking such as Google+.

Add a button on your website, use your keywords early in your articles. Encourage your audience to share articles from your blog, etc.

  •  Increase your leads

Social media enable companies to interact with prospects, promote their content to potential customers, direct traffic to landing pages, etc.

The lead generation is effective when a prospect agrees to give you their e-mail in exchange for relevant content or when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, etc.

Target the social network where your prospects are, answer questions on Linkedin, expand and be informative and attractive, and integrate social media with e-mail marketing, etc.

  • Improve your number of sales

Social media are also useful for selling products. The ONS-UK found that cyber-sales were boosted by social networks and mobile Internet.

Companies use social media to share good deals and discounts between their fans and their network.

The increase in sales via social media is a particularly strong expectation among small businesses.

Integrate Buttons “Like” and “Tweet” about your products, show your efforts on Twitter and Facebook, increase your number of Twitter followers and your number of Facebook fans, and make videos in which your products are used, etc.

  • Manage the online reputation of your business

Social media is the Rolls Royce of digital public relations.

Companies use them to listen to conversations taking place about them, to respond to questions or criticisms that concern them, and finally, to create engagement with their audience while building relationships.

Perform daily monitoring to identify and respond to criticism as soon as possible, delete criticism if you can, develop a crisis plan for social media, and develop a charter of social media for your business train your employees to use social media, etc.

  •  Reduce your operating costs

Social media contribute to the reduction of costs related to services of your business such as recruitment, advertising, customer service, etc.

For example, you can reduce calls to customer service by responding to questions on social media for your customers and your prospects.

Depending on the selected solutions, you also will allow members of your community to answer questions and participate in discussions.

Add an application on your Facebook page for customer relationship management, and use the advanced features of search engines and LinkedIn to recruit employees, create an advertising campaign on Facebook, etc.

  • Improve customer service

Some companies are reluctant to use social media to manage customer relationships through a fear caused by a negative perception, due to the publication of any public criticism.

Yet social media are increasingly used by Internet users. Moreover, conversations around your brand are already happening without your knowledge.

Strategically participate in these conversations for a competitive advantage. It also gives you the opportunity to show a more human aspect of customer relations, for your company and your website.

Give your customers a social media platform where they can ask you questions, be proactive and respond quickly to questions put to you. Allow your customers to share their opinions on your products (system of votes and comments), etc.

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