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The Significance Of MOT Car Testing

The MOT test is an important element in your journey of owning a car, especially in places where it is mandatory. They are guidelines laid by the transport authority to help decipher the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Professionals of authorised centres near you thoroughly check the safety parameters.

These tests are conducted annually in which the emission exhaust system is also checked to minimise any hazardous effect on the surrounding. In some countries, MOT tests are a legal necessity for all cars. Only cars that are newly bought do not require this test; however, these tests need to be performed if your car is more than 3 years old. The various items on the list of the test are carried out keeping in mind the safety aspect of the vehicle:

Signalling and Lighting Equipment

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brakes
  • Seat Belts
  • Fuel Emissions and Exhaust
  • Structure of the car’s body
  • Road View of the Driver

These are essential components that ensure the safety of the passengers on board and the other people on the road. It also confirms the car’s functionality to be driven on the road.

Car servicing vs MOT Test

Servicing your car is very different from the MOT tests conducted. The test is a requirement legally in which the vehicle undergoes tests to render its safety and roadworthiness. The car needs to pass this test mandatorily for the car to be taken out on the roads. If the car fails the test, it is termed unsafe to be driven on the roads due to some issues that need to be fixed.

On the other hand, servicing of the car is recommended by its manufacturer and not the government. Hence, this requirement differs from one vehicle to the other and is specific for each. Car servicing is a check conducted in-depth, unlike the MOT car tests. For example, an expert changed the coolant in the engine, the fluid levels in the brakes, or the level of oil.

These items may not directly impact if the levels are low but would affect the car if they are empty. It helps provide security by informing you about the vehicle’s functioning level. At the end of the service, you would not get a pass or fail certificate also. Service still needs to be conducted regularly to ensure you are safe, and the frequency also helps you save money as you would not have to spend on bigger car failures.

Why do cars fail MOT tests?

It is a proven fact that two tests in every five of them fail the MOT tests the first time around. This is due to small faults that the car’s owner could have got repaired in advance. Here are few reasons why do cars fail this test:

Screenwash was not filled up. This simple job would hardly take a few minutes; hence you should try not to fail the test because of this.
The vehicle was filthy, filled with clutter or dirty. Clean the mess in the car’s cabin and boot. Also, wipe the mirrors and windows for better visibility.

An issue with the registration plate. For instance, the spacing was incorrect on the plate, or letters were missing, or the plate was stained. Rules from the DVLA should be followed even if the plate is customised.

Windscreen stickers or any such object should not block the view of the driver. Anything on the windscreen, like a parking permit, should be stuck outside the sweep portion of the wiper.

The warning signals on the car’s dashboard should be constantly observed. These signals appear in the form of light. This rule was included in the year 2012 and ever since has been followed. The lights signify a problem within the car that should never be ignored and shown to a specialist.

Driving without an MOT test certificate that is valid is not permitted in many countries and could impose a heavy fine on you if you are found without one. The insurance of your car would also be considered void without this certificate, leaving you with no compensation in the event of an accident.

Hence, make sure you take proper care of your car and get an annual MOT test Manchester performed to avail a valid driving certificate.

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