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The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch Mark Prevention

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that couldn’t be more true than when it comes to stretch marks The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention.

Unfortunately, most people fail to take measures against stretch marks until they’ve already begun to appear.   While it’s still possible to rid yourself of existing stretch marks,

it’s much easier and better for your skin to keep those little lines from appearing in the first place.

Stretch marks can occur for different reasons, such as during pregnancy or body building, therefore the prevention has different methods.awesome druid names

Pregnancy:  Stretch marks do not have to be a side effect of motherhood. The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention

In fact, the proper measures taken throughout pregnancy will leave you with a smooth belly after baby is born.  If you want to prevent stretch marks from forming, take the right actions as soon as you find out you are expecting.

Hydrate inside and out.  Drink plenty of water to help maintain skin’s natural elasticity and keep you and your baby well hydrated.

During pregnancy, babies take first dibs on everything you consume, so you’ll need to add a little extra for yourself.  In the case of drinking water, remember the amniotic sac is filled with water, so it easily depletes your normal consumption.

A good moisturizer is a must at all times

but during pregnancy it is best to use one specifically designed for maternity stretch marks.  The ever changing fluctuations in hormones can impact your skins ph balance, elastin and collagen production during pregnancy.

Regular moisturizers are not equipped to handle these changes, but daily use of a maternity stretch mark cream or lotion will keep your skin nourished and flexible.  Again, start at the first signs of pregnancy to keep stretch marks at bay.

Keep plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables available for snacks during pregnancy.  Not only does your growing baby need the nutrients, but the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will help your skin cells remain strong and intact as your belly grows.

Start your prenatal vitamins as soon as you find out you are pregnant and remember to cut back on sugary treats and drinks, which is unhealthy for baby and dehydrating for your skin.

Body Building:

The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention
The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention

Body builders are often quite surprised to discover that as their mass increases, so do their stretch marks.  Men especially are reluctant to seek advice for ridding themselves of stretch marks, but a few steps during intense training will keep stretch marks from forming.

Cool down in the shower.

Intense perspiration during a work out keeps the body cool and prevents overheating.  Jumping into a shower following a session is only natural.  However, hot showers, hot tubs or steam rooms will rob your skin of it’s natural moisture and strip away the protective oils.  This will accelerate the appearance of stretch marks.

Instead of intense heat from a shower, use a cooler setting for the water.  It doesn’t have to be cold, but warm is always better than hot.  You can use hot wraps, hot water bottles or muscle creams to ease any aches from the workout, but keep your shower on the warm side. The Secret to Stretch Mark Prevention

Using a moisturizing body wash, preferably one designed for stretch marks will help maintain a moisture barrier and keep skin pliable and stretchy.

After the shower, use a moisturizer specifically designed for muscle stretch marks.

These lotions stimulate collagen production which is necessary for skin’s elasticity and allows it to stretch comfortably over the muscles when flexed and shrink back to form when muscles are relaxed.

Maternity creams might work, but it’s better to choose one that’s made for athletes and bodybuilders.

Dieters:  Many people experience stretch marks while gaining weight, but they are just as likely to occur when a person suddenly loses weight.

Preventing stretch marks during weight loss means maintaining skin’s elasticity, that is, the ability to shrink without scarring.

Avoid highly acidic fruit juices and sports drinks and opt for water instead.  Keeping your skin and body properly hydrated is essential for skin cell reproduction.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy skin regeneration.  A multivitamin taken daily will ensure you are not robbing your body of its nutritional needs while you are reducing your caloric intake.

Use a stretch mark cream at least twice a day all over your body.  Stretch marks from weight loss can appear anywhere, and often if you lose weight in one area, the skin shows stress in an adjoining area.

Your best defense is to full body stretch mark cream to nourish the skin and prevent stretch marks from forming.

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