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The Most Helpful Tips For Sanitaryware Maintenance

The sanitaryware manufacturers in India are constantly coming up with new and innovative products to make our bathrooms look high-end and modern. While we enjoy walking into a clean bathroom, the majority of people despise cleaning it. For those that despise bathroom cleaning, here are some hygiene details that will make you sit up and reflect and maybe change your mind about it.

In your bathroom, bacteria are living within the showerhead. Even if the water is hot and steamy, you could get a spray of bacteria when you turn on the shower for a relaxing soak. While the majority of bacteria found in homes are harmless, a few can be extremely dangerous.

One of the most tedious tasks in the house is cleaning the toilet. It can appear to be a never-ending task. When done correctly, however, it not only keeps your bathroom clean but also keeps it germ-free. To make your bathroom and toilets a temple of well-being, check out these simple sanitary ware maintenance tips from some of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers in India.


Sanitaryware With Glaze

The sanitaryware manufacturers in India usually make the toilet sinks and toilet bowls of vitreous china. Some toilets have an exceptional glaze finish that helps them stay cleaner for more extended periods. Cleaning the bathroom’s glazed sanitaryware keeps it clean and germ-free.


Cleaning The Toilet Bowl

Wear latex gloves and keep the bathroom well ventilated because the cleaning materials can produce dangerous fumes if inhaled. Make sure the bathroom door or window is left open. Use a toilet cleaner that isn’t abrasive. Place the nozzle below the rim of the bowl’s inner portion. Using a squirt bottle, liberally squirt it all over the inner rim.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes before vigorously rubbing it with a toilet brush. Flush the cleaner after closing the toilet seat and lid.


Cleaning The Toilet Seat and Lid

Wet a sponge and apply antibacterial soap to it. Then wipe off the toilet seat and lid with the sponge. Rinse the sponge and use it to clean the toilet bowl’s external surfaces once more—this aids in removing any leftovers. If desired, you can use a dry soft towel to clean the toilet’s exterior.


Taps And Shower Heads

The taps and showerheads produced by the sanitaryware manufacturers in India are usually chrome-plated. Hard water, soapy suds, shampoos, and body oils all cause the taps to turn white. Hard-water minerals mix with shampoos and soaps to form a cloudy scum on faucets and showerheads. The more time the scum sits on the tap, the more difficult it is to extract it. Cleaning your taps and other chrome-plated bathroom items will help minimize the build-up and keep your bathroom looking gleaming and beautiful.

Fill a spray bottle halfway with white vinegar. Allow five minutes after spraying the vinegar on the faucet. The vinegar loosens dirt, soap scum, and other mineral deposits. Using a paper towel, wipe it down. Create a paste of 14 cups white vinegar and 12 cup baking soda for tougher stains. Using an old toothpaste, apply it to the stain. Allow 10 minutes for it to work. Scrub the tap with a soft dish cleaning pad after that. Wipe it clean with a soft, damp rag. Finally, wipe it down with a dry, clean rag.


Cleaning With Products

Glitz, a specially formulated cleaner for removing calcium and other deposits from chrome-plated faucets, showerheads, and other chrome-plated products, is a good option for skilled cleaning. Enable GLITZ to stay on the surface undiluted for a few minutes, longer if calcium deposits are high, and then wash off with water. Scrub the old and hardened scales gently with a used toothbrush. Before using Glitz, read the directions on the bottle. It is available at a fair price from all Jaquar registered dealers.

Improper cleaning not only harms the product’s surfaces, but it may also cause it to stop working. Often avoid spraying cleaning agents directly on the faucet or showerhead. Instead, squirt the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth and rub the sanitaryware’s surface with it. Harsh cleaning agents, such as bleach and other acids, should be avoided because they can cause serious harm.


Sinks And Washbasins

You can clean the washbasin in the same way as the rest of the bathroom. If you use it often, you’ll need to clean it regularly. Following the instructions mentioned above by the sanitaryware manufacturers in India will help you clean the toilet sinks. You should not use abrasive cleaners as they can scrape the sink’s surface. You can use any household cleaner for routine cleaning. Create a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate to remove stubborn stains.

Use the suggestions in this article to keep your bathroom gleaming, tidy, and germ-free. Intelligent designs and efficient sensor technology are also available to make cleaning your bathroom a lot easier. There are fewer hard water stains left behind with sensor taps, flushes, and other devices, and they eliminate grimy, bacteria-laden faucet handles. Furthermore, there are more innovative options for bathroom facilities, such as rimless toilets, making cleaning the bathroom simpler than ever.



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