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The Dance Academy In East Delhi

After completing our routine chores, we perform other activities such as painting, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, etc.  These activities are known as hobbies. Some people are profoundly interested in music, whereas some people are interested in painting. Some are eager to learn various forms of dance. They can learn various forms of dances such as western dance, classical dance, hip-hop, etc. If you are interested in dancing, then you can joindance academy in east Delhi.   In this academy, they teach all types of classical and western dances. You can find professionals who are well-trained professionals and instructors who teach with dedication and enthusiasm. 

About the academy 

The school is open 6 days a week and the academy is closed on Tuesdays. They conduct special classes for working people also. They conduct different batches for children and adults. The dance academy in east Delhi offers diploma, degree, and doctoral level programs to students. The performers visit this place to give audition; for any talent show across the country. They conduct some special programs that are telecasted on national television. 

Teaching dances

Western dance

Dance is a movement of the hands, legs and our body in a stylish manner. It is a best form of exercise to our body. A person always feels refreshed and rejuvenated after dancing. The students are taught to perform western dancing that includes various forms such as hip hop, free style, Bhangra, modern contemporary, etc. So, the academicians teach various dance forms to the students and also conduct dance examinations to test their ability. Their academy is associated with some UGC accredited Music societies. The students can learn different styles of classical dancing such as hip-hop dance, ballet, break dancing, salsa, and tap dancing. The breakdance was introduced by the famous musician; Micheal dancer. The ballet dance is performed by two people or couples. The hip hop dance is known as a street dance that includes various styles such as popping, breaking, locking, lyrical etc. The main identifiers of the freestyling dances are freestyling, battles, crews etc. Ballet dance is a dual dance form that involves shaking, turning around etc. The jazz steps involve turning jumps, arouses, chains, jetes, etc. So, the students can learn western dancing with enthusiasm and interest. Usually, the body movements of the western dance are swifter. The dance classes in east Delhi also teach traditional form of dancing.

Classical dances

The classical dances are usually known as expressive dramas depicting the cultural forms of Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, or famous Hindu Epics. Some movements and expressions are performed for these mythological dramas. The dancers perform dance movements to the background music. Such dances are also performed in temples, fairgrounds, or even in rural areas. Many artists have performed this art inside the royal courts also. 

Degrees and courses

So, the students can enroll for various programs such as  Primary level known as Praveshika, Prarambhik, I and II, The duration of these courses is one year. The students can join junior level diploma for two years. The Bhushan is held for a year. The students can also join senior level diploma for two years. They can also join for degree courses for two years. After completing a degree, they can also join the doctoral course.

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