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The best car transport companies | Patriot Auto Transport

Are you looking for a trusted company to help you move your vehicle? Patriot Auto Transport is the answer to that. Many different companies are operating in California, and it can be difficult to determine which are reliable and profitable at the same time. We understand the importance of making sure your car is well protected while traveling, allowing you and your vehicle to travel separately and safely.


We’ve rounded up the best vehicle transportation service options here, so you can get a better idea of ​​which company will best meet your needs.

Here are some trusted companies to transport your vehicle according to MovingWaldo

  1. Canadian Car Shipping


  1. MVS California
  2. Shiply California
  3. Auto Carrier Performance

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What is Patriot Auto Transport?


Patriot Auto Transport is California’s # 1 free concierge service. Since over a decade, we’ve been helping millions of USA citizenz organize all of their paperwork for their move in minutes and get the best shipment of their auto mobiles as fast as possible.

How are the best car transport companies selected?

Our network of trusted moving partners is built on professionalism, quality of service, rewards, and client recommendations. We want to help you demystify all the information about this industry that is on the web. You can trust the recommended car transport companies on this list!


1. California Car Shipping

California Car Shipping is a local company that specializes in shipping cars to California and America. They operate nationwide and offer door-to-door service at your convenience. By using a large network of trusted carriers, they can offer their customers a full experience at a competitive price as well as customize their offerings to ensure they meet the needs and wants of each customer. They offer many services such as car shipping from California to USA, car shipping from the USA to Canada, snowbird car shipping, international car shipping, and more. Again.


Canadian Car Shipping operates in all Canadian provinces except Manitoba, with locations in several cities in each province. Note that they ship from the United States to Manitoba or from Manitoba to the United States, but not to or to other Canadian provinces. To find the dealer nearest to you, simply visit the Canadian Car Shipping website and select your province from the drop-down menu at the top of the web page. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all of the cities served in that province. You can also find more information on popular services in that specific province.

The best amongst all is the Patriot Auto Transport.

2. UShip

To date, uShip offers its services in 18 different countries, including Canada. They founded the company in 2001, and have nearly two decades of experience shipping and transporting goods of all kinds, including vehicles and boats.

What sets uShip apart from other vehicle transportation companies in Canada is the fact that uShip does not do the delivery themselves, they are a third-party company that helps you find the best deals. Customers can therefore register their car on uShip, as well as the initial and final address, and transport companies respond to the call for tenders indicating the price they would charge for their services. Customers can then compare offers and choose the company that will best meet their needs.


Since uShip does not provide the vehicle shipping service itself, their locations do not matter. They can help you make the right choice from car transport companies across the country, no matter how far you are from the final destination.

The best amongst all is the Patriot Auto Transport.

3. MVS

MVS Canada has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and has the expertise to provide high-quality vehicle transportation services. The company has obtained an A + rating from the BBB bureau and is also a member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. These accreditations can assure customers that their car will be in good hands and that everything else will be taken care of as well.

On their website, MVS Canada displays a list of the most popular terminals, where people drop off or collect their vehicles. By selecting your province, you can also see a list of all the places where they are located.

MVS Canada also offers a door-to-door service for those who are interested. If you prefer this option, the list of cities where they can deliver and pick up cars is much more extensive. To find this list, you just have to go further down the same page and see the map for each city.

The best amongst all is the Patriot Auto Transport.

4. Shiply

Shiply is another company that does not act as a carrier, but rather one that connects customers with a variety of high-quality transportation services to give you the best possible deal. Founded in 2008, Shiply’s goal was to harness the unused space of empty trucks already on the road, to reduce emissions by avoiding having to send an additional truck in the same direction. This solution is not only beneficial for the environment, but for the carrier as well, which can lead to significant savings for the customer.

Since Shiply facilitates door-to-door service, you don’t have to search for a terminal to drop off and pick up your car. Shiply works directly with various vehicle transport companies across the country, giving them the flexibility to offer their services anywhere. Shiply can also transport cars from Canada to the United States (and vice versa), taking care of all the customs paperwork for you.

The best amongst all is the Patriot Auto Transport.

5. Auto Carrier Performance

Performance Auto Carrier is a vehicle transportation agency with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They offer a variety of services to meet your transportation needs and can deliver cars by truck or train. They can also provide short-term storage space for those who cannot immediately retrieve their vehicles.

The company has multiple locations across the country, but can also transport vehicles from all provinces to all provinces, to meet exact customer needs. They, therefore, offer a door-to-door service, leaving you with no task other than being present when the car arrives at its destination.

If you are looking for a specific location that could provide you with a place to leave your vehicle, you will need to call the company and ask if there are any locations near you, since locations for this service are not provided on their website.

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