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The benefits of Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 you actually create a modern workplace . The big advantage of Microsoft 365 is that this environment can be set up completely according to your wishes. In this way you work more safely and efficiently within the organization. The modern workplace is focused on securely accessing work data from anywhere. We explain the advantages of working with Microsoft 365 here.

1. The Microsoft 365 apps work together efficiently

Various apps are accessible in the Microsoft 365 environment. Think of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive and the well-known Office apps. These applications ensure that you can work more efficiently from any location. The big advantage of Microsoft 365 is that these apps work closely with each other. Documents that are on a SharePoint environment can also be accessed via Microsoft Teams. This makes it easier to access data quickly. You therefore increase efficiency within the organization with a Microsoft 365 environment, because you spend less time looking for the right files and documents with Microsoft Development Firm.

2. Optimal collaboration in Microsoft Teams

With a Microsoft 365 environment there is access to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the platform for optimal collaboration with a team. Now that we have started working more and more from different locations, this program can no longer be missed. It ensures that colleagues can easily keep in touch with each other. Microsoft Teams integrates closely with all other apps in the Microsoft 365 environment.

The benefits of a Microsoft 365 environment in combination with Microsoft Teams are endless. The Teams platform makes collaboration and sharing documents a lot easier. Where in the past we had to email everything back and forth, everything can now be arranged from one central environment. The Microsoft Teams environment makes it possible to call, chat, collaborate and meet from one application. In this way, employees can carry out their work from anywhere and stay in close contact with colleagues.
3. Access data from anywhere
The big advantage of Microsoft 365 is that it works completely from the cloud. This makes it possible to access all work documents from anywhere. You can save documents in different ways in the Microsoft 365 environment. For example, you can use OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. These environments are actually used for different purposes.

Store data in a OneDrive environment

Microsoft OneDrive is basically an employee’s personal storage. In this environment, all documents can be stored online, so that you can access these documents from any computer. This is especially useful for documents in which only you as an employee want to work. The advantage of the Microsoft 365 environment is that you get 1 TB of cloud storage. This is more than enough to store important work documents.

Saving data in the Microsoft Teams environment
Microsoft Teams makes it possible to share documents with a specific group. This is a handy solution, because it gives the entire team access to these documents. In this way, the Microsoft Teams environment makes it easier to work together on a document at the same time. This prevents duplicates and different versions of the same document. These documents are only visible to the team that has access.

Store data in a SharePoint environment

SharePoint makes it possible to share data with an entire organization. You can actually see SharePoint as an archive with all the documents that are important. By properly setting up this environment, users only see documents to which they have rights. This way you protect sensitive data within the organization.

4. Optimally protect data in Microsoft 365

Protecting data is extremely important. You don’t want to give the entire organization unlimited access to data. In Microsoft 365 it is possible to protect data from certain groups. The advantage of user rights in Microsoft 365 is that you can set access to documents per group.

Malicious ones don’t stand a chance in Microsoft 365

With multi-factor authentication, you can be sure that business information never ends up with the wrong people. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure makes stopping threats and malware a lot easier. You can read here how to successfully protect the Microsoft 365 environment with Microsoft Development Firm .

5. Always use the latest version

The above advantages of Microsoft 365 are very important, but one of the most important part is that you always work with the latest applications. The developments in the field of IT never stand still. With Microsoft 365 you automatically use the most recent versions of applications. In this way you get access to the latest functionalities and you do not have to continuously renew the IT environment. In this way, employees do not have to worry about their environment and can focus on more important tasks with Microsoft Development Firm.

6. The Microsoft 365 environment can be set up completely according to your wishes

Every organization works differently and has different needs when setting up a modern workplace. With Microsoft 365 you get a scalable and flexible platform, so you can set it up completely according to your wishes. It is important to think carefully about this environment. It must be clear and usable for end users. Therefore, involve a number of employees in this process, in order to set up the environment as successfully as possible in Microsoft Development Firm.


All the benefits of Microsoft 365 ensure that the platform is extremely useful for your organization.Microsoft 365 makes it easier for employees to collaborate and share data with each other. This all happens from one safe working environment, so that you as an organization retain control of all data in Microsoft Development Firm.

The benefits of a modern workplace

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