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The benefits of baby swimming are unique !!!

It is scientifically proven that infant swimming enhances the physique of children, their respiratory capacity, heart function, while improving their posture and body position. They overcome their fears, gain courage and self-confidence and become more autonomous and more social with lifeguard training near me.

It is a constructive time between parent and child and as it is known, children who exercise, get sick less!

1.Many children who take baby swimming lessons are able to swim before they even walk. As your swimming skills improve, you will notice an improvement in timing, an increase in strength and endurance, as well as a stimulation of your respiratory system.

2.The earlier a child starts baby swimming, the faster he or she will develop defenses and abilities for complete safety in the water.

3.Gentle and calm exercises in the water will give the child a continuous and calmer sleep. Indeed, our parents confess that their babies sleep much better but also more after a complete baby swimming lesson.
Swimming offers great joy to the lives of infants and toddlers. Also, children acquire healthier and more dynamic personalities.

4.Lessons from an early age help to develop the self-esteem and independence of the future adult. As a child’s ability to move freely in the water increases, so does the child’s sense of well-being.

5.Parents and children have the opportunity to spend a very productive and enjoyable time together. Especially at this age when minimal activities are appropriate for the baby. Thus stronger bonds develop between parent and child. Under the right conditions, cohesion increases both in the family and in society at large.

6.Often this activity is their first experience with peers. So they learn to socialize and interact with each other, while looking forward to the next meeting. Social skills increase by a large percentage, compared to children who do not participate in similar activities. Baby bathing kids are more sociable!

7.Parents themselves have the opportunity to socialize with other parents. Consequently, to meet people with similar perceptions and common interests. In this way, not only children but also parents are socialized more.

8.Swimming lessons from an early age lay a solid foundation for a life in which the adult will be able to participate and enjoy a wide variety of water sports, in and out of the water.

9.Every kind of physical exercise contributes in its own way to the well-being and proper functioning of man. What could be better than incorporating an exercise program into your baby’s routine that is friendly and extremely beneficial?

10.In this article we will deal with the benefits of baby swimming, which seems to fit perfectly to babies and offers them all the benefits of exercise in an τρόπο enjoyable way.

Why do baby swimming with my baby?

Strengthening the immune system

Exercise is one of the most important and natural ways to strengthen the function of our immune system. Clearly, we can not write a baby gym! But we can accompany it to a swimming pool, so that it can be practiced while playing!

Development of motor skills

The exercise book applied to baby swim programs enhances the development of infants’ motor skills. Balance or “grabbing” exercises for small objects will accelerate the development of both coarse (eg walking) and fine (eg scissors) mobility of our little friend

Better sleep

In baby pools the water temperature ranges from 32 ο c to 35 ο c. The hot water in combination with the exercise will give your child a feeling of relaxation, which in turn will contribute to the arrival of a quality νά nap.


Exercise is one of the most effective “medicines” for psychology. They give us the – known to all – endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Things will not be different for a baby who is exercising. In addition, the sound and feel of the water in turn affect its availability.

Reviving the experience of pregnancy

The closer to birth… the better! You will definitely be surprised by the skills of our little “swimmers”. Babies are familiar and already ready to go into a pool and swim. Amniotic fluid during pregnancy gives them this ability. As you follow the coach’s instructions, you will come back as close as you were when this creature was in your womb. It’s the best way to spend quality time together, today that everyday life may deprive you of this opportunity.


Baby swim is a great opportunity to socialize your baby. Through working with the coach, meeting other babies, sharing the pool you will learn valuable lessons. One of them is to respect the other’s limits, to recognize his own, to share, to communicate and, why not, to make friends.

Development of swimming skills

Through the game the baby learns to swim! Rhythm, hand-foot synchronization, breath control, supine position are just some of the things that will be taught during baby bathing.

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