The Benefits and Drawbacks Of An Uncontested Divorce – Alabama

It’s never easy to end a marriage, and it may quickly turn into a bitter experience. If you are determined to go through the divorce procedure, you will probably need to engage with an Alabama uncontested divorce attorney.


An uncontested divorce may be an option for couples who can maintain their civility and agree on splitting the marital assets, dealing with child custody and support concerns, and handling any other things. However, many separating couples may still have difficulty achieving their goal of a smooth procedure. Still, the rewards may be enormous in the appropriate circumstances.


The Benefits


Uncontested divorce gives divorcing couples the opportunity to conclude their marriage peacefully and with respect. It’s less expensive than a court-ordered divorce. Getting divorced without a court case is usually the most affordable option. Although uncontested divorce is less expensive, it is not the only benefit to consider. If the amount of tension between the two spouses stays low, an uncontested divorce provides a means of ensuring that it does not occur. There are several advantages to going through a divorce in a less public and more cooperative way, such as keeping your assets in your own hands rather than passing them on to attorneys, accountants and process servers.


The Drawbacks


An uncontested divorce should be avoided if one spouse is physically abusing the other. When there is an imbalance of power in a marriage, such as domestic violence or emotional abuse, one partner is nearly always at a disadvantage. A lawyer may be necessary to help that spouse in a demanding scenario.


When the couple cannot communicate without arguing, an uncontested divorce is a terrible decision. If your husband refuses to have any communication with you about divorce and every conversation ends in a fight, you will likely need to move forward with a disputed divorce. Additionally, if you wish to retain specific assets or get a more considerable portion of the marital assets, this might lead to a long-term dispute. Your case may not be readily settled in an uncontested divorce procedure.


Finally, if you and your husband aren’t familiar with the law or don’t think you can handle the paperwork independently, avoiding an uncontested divorce is a terrible decision. 

Although uncontested divorces are very simple, it is still necessary for you to read and comprehend the paperwork, including financial declarations from both parties. 


If the thought of doing all of this alone is frightening to you, you may want to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

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