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The 9 Dauntless Characteristics Of High-Quality Tiles Melbourne

Tiles have a great significance in the interior design of any building and can add the desired ambience to the surrounding. Ceramic tiles are the current trend and are available in multifarious colour ranges. They have the advantage of using them anywhere in any place at convenient sizes too.

There are different grades of tiles at one’s disposal but these grades are not necessarily based on the difference in quality but it represents the difference in their application. That is, a thicker tile may be required for flooring purposes whereas light porcelain tiles are recommended for the wall. This article guides you to check the dauntless characteristics when you choose the high-quality tiles Melbourne. Let’s dig deep into the world of tiles and find the best tile for your dream project.

Resistant to Fire and heat

Good quality tiles are inert to fire because they are designed to withstand adverse conditions. This is the inevitable feature of any tile as customers put their safety first. Resistant to fire means when in fire, the tiles will not react to release any poisonous gases or toxins that cause suffocation for people and also delays the further spread of fire. Heat resistance is that a lit cigarette or match stick will not burn or leave marks on the surface of the tiles.

Resistant to stain and chemicals

A high-quality tile should be immune to stains and unaffected by the harsh chemicals on the surface. This characteristic of the tile can make them suitable for laboratories, hospitals, lavatories and so on. These tiles are also highly impervious to liquids and hence can promise a durable experience in the long run.

Effortless Cleaning of Tiles Melbourne

The first-rate tiles offer to give an effortless cleaning solution. Most of these tiles can be easily wiped away to remove the dirt. Low porosity makes the maintenance of these tiles a doodle.

Resistant to Scratch

A premium quality tile is scratch-resistant because glazed tiles are dense and unimaginably tough. A corundum based chemical composition over the tiles makes them immune to abrasions and this is another important feature in demand.

Maintains room temperature

As tiles are made up of thermal insulators, they are incredibly efficient heat banks. This makes them adapt to the air temperatures and absorb heat to maintain the ambient room condition. They can keep your room cooler even when the temperature outside is climbing, thus keeping your indoor spaces pleasant and comfortable.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties

The new range of tiles with a bio compound added to it claims to have antibacterial and antiviral abilities. This innovation uses a photolytic activity where these tiles when exposed to any light produce O2 which is active oxygen that can kill the bacteria and virus on their surface. This makes them inhabitable for the microorganisms and creates a safer and healthy environment.

Anti Static characteristics of Tiles Melbourne

An anti-static property is where these tiles are electrically neutral so that they do not create static electricity due to friction when walking on the floor. A static hazard-free tiled area can be used in spaces where critical equipment is employed and helps in their smooth and sustainable functioning.

Versatile Tiles Melbourne

Ceramic tiles are versatile in their applications that they find their application in different room spaces with unique appearances. For instance, bathroom spaces require an anti-skidding tile and bedroom spaces require a glossy tile. Moreover, these tiles have many variants in colour, texture, sizes and materials to suit your crazy imagination.


The ceramic and porcelain tiles have high durability and can withstand any situation in the long run. This can also make the resale of your properties painless because they can look new even after using them for many years. So this is a worthy investment when you search for excellent tiles Melbourne.

Last words!

These multifarious properties of tiles can reach you to the best tiles Melbourne and decorate your dream home beautifully. We at Auzzie Tiles have been the best supplier in Melbourne whose quality and cost never get compromised. There are loads of collections that have been displayed here that suits all modern & traditional based designs. Buy Now!

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