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The 7 Essential Apps To Write Your Book

Writing your book is a task that can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to facilitate some processes. In this article, we want to tell you about the essential apps you should know to achieve the goal of writing your bestseller and not die trying.

We all know how to write. In fact, maybe your favorite author was one of the most prominent authors of the last century and wrote his masterpiece with a pen or, at best, with a typewriter. And we know the result was wonderful, but why do we have to try so hard if there are apps for almost every utility we can imagine? Here is a list of the 7 essential apps for writing your book:

1. iDeas for writing

This app is great for those who suffer from the feeling of losing inspiration. In addition to having a friendly and simple interface, iDeas for writing helps you get out of the dreaded bumps in the creative process.

You will have at your disposal a writing workshop with exercises and apps for you to practice and perfect your technique, idea generators for your characters, phrases to start your projects, a notebook to write your work and, in addition, the option to export and print your creations. Do you like it?

2. LivingWriter

LivingWriter is a book writing app designed for poets, storytellers, novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and all kinds of literary content creators in general.

It has a very simple and intuitive interface. It offers you the option to save ideas of possible projects that you can develop when you decide. You can program the number of words you want to write and the app keeps track indicating when you ask it, the percentage of progress in which you are. In addition, it is possible to export your writings by email. It is perfect for improving your writing pace.

3. Write or Die

If you are one of those who have problems with procrastination or are easily distracted, Write or Die is ideal for you. It is productivity software that will help you keep your keyboard always active.

This application also lets you schedule the number of words you want to type, as well as set a time limit. Now, the interesting thing is that, if you don’t fulfill the acquired commitment, the app will penalize you in a soft way, sending pop-up reminders, or in a severe way, deleting part of the content already written. What do you think? It’s a challenge that will surely help you write more.

4. JotterPad

This app promises to be a novelty for aspiring novelists, screenwriters, bloggers, journalists and all literary content creators, as it has the quality of professional word processors in a simple interface.

You can write in rich text and export to Word, Markdown, PDF and HTML, so formatting will no longer be a problem. Back up your projects and work with peace of mind, even when you are not online. Publish directly from the app on WordPress and Tumblr, or export by email. It’s an app for writing like a pro.

5. Focuswriter

With this writing application, you will find yourself in a simple and distraction-free environment, since the taskbar and options are kept hidden so that you can concentrate on your work.

Additionally, Focuswriter has alarms and timers. You can set daily goals and configure the sound of a typewriter when typing. The app also offers the possibility of knowing the statistics of your performance, spell checker, support for multiple documents and you can use it on your pc, as it is available for Linux and Window.

6. Bear App

Apple’s Bear App is a great option for iPad, iPhone and Mac users. It is an app that will help you increase production and organize information in a very intuitive way.

With Beat App, you can use tags to group your ideas, set writing and time limits, as well as the opportunity to export your texts in Word and PDF. As an interesting fact, this application has an online catalog of images and photographs that you can use to give life to your texts.

7. Writeometer

Writeometer is an application specially designed to combat procrastination. No matter if your writing is a novel, your blog or your thesis, with this app you will be able to keep up your writing pace.

Just set your daily goal and the app will remind you of your commitment. In addition to punishments and rewards, Writeometer will send you inspirational phrases when you feel that creativity is leaving you. Keep track of your stats and be aware of your progress with this app.

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