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The 11 best camping Cot: 2021 pros and cons

Traveling with children comfortably is possible, just equip yourself well! A camping cot is essential to ensure a peaceful and comfortable sleep for the little ones, like at home. On the market, there are many types, suitable for all ages and uses. To help you choose the right one, we’ve selected the best camping cots of 2021 from the best-selling and best-reviewed online.

When traveling with a child, don’t forget to bring a camping cot. It is very important, in fact, to guarantee the little ones a safe and comfortable place to rest, just as if they were at home.
Travel cots are useful not only in camping but also in hotels, rental homes,
and other holiday facilities, which are not always equipped to accommodate children.

On the market, there are many types of camping beds, from those designed to adapt to the
growth of the child to the mini ones for babies of a few months. Choosing one is not easy,
it is not enough to rely only on the price, you have to evaluate the needs of the child and the parents.
First of all, you have to understand if you want to use the cot only during the first months,
or if you intend to use it for a few years. In the first case, a mini camping cot will do just fine,
you won’t spend a lot, and will allow you to travel light. If, on the other hand,
you need a cot for an older child, or plan to use it until they grow enough to sleep in a real bed,
you should choose a standard model., which usually supports up to 15 kg of weight.

The folding structure of the beds is more or less always the same: the four sides of the base are in metal, but covered in fabric and padded, while the walls are in synthetic fabric and breathable mesh.
Some models have a height-adjustable mattress, to adapt to the growth of the child and allow you to use the cot also as a playpen. Some cots also have a hinged door, to let the child free to enter and exit,
and various accessories, such as the changing table, storage compartments, and suspended games.

In short, the choice is really huge! To help you buy the bed that best suits your needs,
we have compiled a ranking of the best camping beds, updated for 2021,
and a practical buying guide with all the elements to take into consideration.

The best camping beds of 2021

To draw up the ranking of the best camping beds, we have selected the best-selling and best-reviewed models online, especially on Amazon. Of all of them, you will find photos, characteristics, pros and cons that emerged from the reviews of those who bought them and suggestions on where to find them at the cheapest price.

1. Hauck Dream’s Play

The Hauck Dream’s Play camping cot is the best-selling and best-reviewed on Amazon, thanks to its great value for money. It is very light, closes easily and, once stored in its transport bag, is less bulky than a suitcase. It includes a comfortable mattress, on which the child can sleep or play. Thanks to the large mesh windows, the coat is breathable and allows the little ones to see their parents, for greater peace of mind. You can also use it at home, as a second bed. Hauck Dream’s Play measures 125 x 65 x 75 cm.

Pros: according to the opinions of users who have reviewed it, this cot is very comfortable, because it is easy to assemble, fold and transport. The materials are of excellent quality and the price is affordable.

Cons: Some users who bought it recommend adding an extra mattress to make the cot even more comfortable.

2. Hauck Dream’s Play Plus

The Hauck Dream’s Play Plus camping cot is very similar to the previous model, but with two differences: on the side, there is a zipper, which can only be opened from the outside, useful for putting children to sleep without having to bend down and to allow more older children to enter and exit freely; in addition to the fixed feet, this model has practical wheels, which help to move it from one room to another. This cot also has a thin mattress included and, once folded and placed in its bag, it is practical to carry. Measure open 125 x 65 x 76 cm and closed 23 x 24 x 76 cm.

Pros: According to reviews, this cot is very durable, made of quality materials, and easy to open and close. The value for money is excellent.

Cons: Even for this model, some users recommend buying an additional travel mat if you want to use it to let your baby sleep through the night, to make it more comfortable.

3. Hauck Dream’s Play Center

If you are looking for a super-equipped travel cot, the Hauck Dream’s Play Center is the one for you, which includes changing mat, storage pocket, mattress, and carrying bag. Thanks to the adjustable height, this cot adapts as the child grows and can be used from birth. It is easy to assemble and close. It is equipped with wheels, so it can be moved without difficulty. On the side, there is a hinge that can only be opened from the outside, excellent for letting crawling babies in and out freely and using the cot as a play box. For greater comfort, the manufacturer also recommends purchasing the Sleeper foam mattress. Measures 68.5 x 125 x 82 cm.

Pros: According to reviews, this travel cot is great value for money. It is solid and durable, suitable for children up to 11 kg. Thanks to the adjustable height and the included changing mat, it is also practical for newborns.

Cons: Like most folding cots, the supplied mattress is very thin, so some users who have reviewed it recommend buying an additional one.

4. Chicco Goodnight

The Chicco Good Night travel cot has a practical umbrella opening and is therefore very easy to close and store in its bag. Thanks to the double safety system, it does not close accidentally during use. The sides are in fine mesh, to ensure maximum ventilation. The package includes a foldable padded mattress and a carrying case. The Chicco Good Night cot is suitable for babies from 0 months to 15 kg, open size: 122 x 76 x 63 cm and closed 20 x 76 x 22 cm.

Pros: According to reviews, this cot is perfect not only to take on the go but also to keep around the house as a second cot. The security system makes it very stable.

Cons: as with the other beds we have seen so far, some users recommend adding an extra mattress to make it more comfortable.

5. CAM Sleep Bed

The Sonno Cam bed is great for traveling and to keep at home as a second bed or play box. Once closed, it is compact and can be stored in its carry bag. It has a large storage pocket and a comfortable padded mattress. It is also very beautiful aesthetically, thanks to the side designs. The large mesh windows ensure breathability. Open size 126.5 x 66.5 x 73.5 cm.

Pros: According to user reviews on Amazon, this sunbed, in addition to being very aesthetically pleasing, is comfortable, practical, and overall has an excellent quality-price ratio.

Cons: according to some reviews, the cot is not easy to close and, once closed, it is a bit heavy. The same users who have made this note, however, have specified that these are not defects, as these factors make the bed more robust, resistant, and safe.

6. Infantastic Starfish

Another very nice travel cot aesthetically, as well as functional, is the Starfish by Infantastic, with starfish-themed decorations. It is easy to open and close and, despite its compact size, it is very comfortable for sleeping and playing. The mattress is height adjustable, so it can be used from birth. Thanks to the side zip opening, children can enjoy entering and exiting freely and mothers can put them to sleep without bending uncomfortably. The cot is equipped with a large storage pocket, changing table, and arch with suspended games. Open it measures 126 x 66 x 82 cm, closed 75 x 25 x 22 cm.

Pros: According to reviews, it’s great as a second bed from home and as a travel cot. It has a nice design and lots of practical accessories.

Cons: some users have not found it very easy to fold, but this guarantees the strength and safety of the bed.

7. Safety 1st Soft Dreams

The Safety 1st Soft Dreams folding bed is easy to open and close thanks to the umbrella closure. This is why it is excellent not only when traveling, but also for those looking for a cot to keep in the grandparents’ house and open only when necessary. Once closed, it is compact and can be stored in its carrying bag. It is indicated from birth, up to 15 kg in weight. The padded wood fiber base is stable and comfortable. Measures 77 x 120 x 77 cm open and 77 x 22 x 22 cm closed.

Pros: the opinions of users who have reviewed this cot are very positive: it has an excellent quality-price ratio, it is easy to use and when closed it takes up very little space.

Cons: it does not include a mattress, so you have to buy an additional one to be placed on the padded wood fiber base.

8. TecTake

The TecTake camping cot is a compact model that can be used both on the road and at home as a playpen to give the child moments of play and rest in total safety. The side parts have been made with a breathable fabric to allow not only the child to have a view on the outside, but also for parents to control it. TecTake also has a padded base, comfortable for sleeping, and a side zip that makes it easy to open and close. It is recommended for babies from 6 to 36 months of age.

Pros: According to reviews, this cot is easy to open, close, and carry. The materials are of excellent quality and it has a beautiful design. The price is also good.

Cons:  Some Amazon users who reviewed it also bought a  folding mattress to make it even more comfortable.

9. CAM Daily Plus

The CAM Daily Plus bed is one of the most complete, and the most beautiful, currently on the market. In fact, it includes a changing table, hood with removable plush toys, mosquito net, and storage pocket. It also has a practical zippered window, two lockable wheels, and a travel bag. It can be used from 0 to 36 months, weighing up to 15 kg. The side walls are decorated with very pretty serigraphs and have large windows in breathable mesh. When open the cot measures 128.5 x 73 x 117 cm, when closed 22.5 x 21 x 79 cm.

Pros: it is a beautiful bed, full of accessories, and practical to use at home or on vacation.

Cons: Some users had a hard time setting up the cot the first time, due to unclear instructions.

10. Hauck Dream’s Play Center 7 pieces

Another travel cot that follows the baby from birth to 36 months (up to 15 kg in weight)
is the 7-piece Hauck Dream’s Play Center, which includes: changing mat for changing nappies,
a storage pocket, sleeping accessory. travel, wheels, side exit, folding mattress, and carrying bag.
The height is adjustable, it is easily assembled and closed, and takes up very little space.
Thanks to the wheels, it is easy to move it from room to room.
The side zip transforms the cot into a fun play area and allows children to enter and exit freely.
The “forest fun” themed design is super cute. Measures 68.5 x 125 x 80 cm.

Pros: According to reviews, this cot is of very good quality. It fits and closes easily, moves just as easily thanks to the wheels, and is suitable for babies from birth to 36 months.

Cons: Like most travel cots, this one is more comfortable with an additional mattress according to some users who have reviewed it.

11. Safety 1St Mini Dreams

We conclude the ranking with a travel cot for babies, the Safety 1St Mini Dreams. Thanks to its small size (88 x 59 x 76 cm), it is perfect for children up to 9 kg. Under the mattress, there is a large storage compartment, where it is possible to store blankets and linen. In addition, there are two practical pockets on the side. The mattress is placed at an ideal height, which allows parents to put the baby to sleep effortlessly and without risking waking him up. The wheels with brakes facilitate transport.

Pros: According to reviews, the cot is made of high-quality materials, it is easy to open and close, aesthetically beautiful, and very convenient to carry.

Cons: It is suitable for children up to 9 kg, but it is great for those looking for a light and inexpensive cot, to be used only during the first months.

How to choose the best camping cot

We have seen which are the best travel cots for children currently on the market,
now let’s see how to choose among all the ones that best suit your needs.
The first element to take into consideration is the structure of the cot,
to be evaluated based on the intended use and age of the child.

It is also important to verify the practicality of the use of the cot, which must be compact, light, easy to assemble and fold. Obviously, it must be extremely comfortable for the child, who must be able to sleep comfortably and in total safety.

Regarding safety, make sure that the bed complies with the regulations, not only for ergonomics but also for the quality of the materials. Don’t forget to check that it is easy to clean and keep in good condition.

Finally, evaluate the value for money and the brand, bearing in mind that choosing a brand that has been known and specialized for years in the production of children’s products is an excellent guarantee of quality. Let’s see everything in detail.


As we anticipated, the first element to take into consideration when choosing the camping cot is the structure. Most of the beds currently on the market have a very simple shape, similar to that of the boxes, but with a rectangular base. It is the most practical and convenient structure to close. Some models have a height-adjustable mattress and a side door with zipping, to allow children to enter and exit freely. These are beds suitable for children from 0 to 3 years, up to 15 kg in weight. Then there are the camping beds for babies, suitable only for the first months, which have smaller dimensions and hold a maximum weight of about 9 kg. Their advantage is that they are small and light, therefore easier to carry.

Keep in mind, however, that the choice should not be made only on the basis of the age of the child,
but also on the use you intend to make of the cot. If you want to use it only when traveling,
you should choose a light, compact and easy-to-fold model, without too many accessories.
If, on the other hand, you want to use it also at home (for example as a second cot in a multi-story house,
to always keep the baby with you, or at the grandparents’ house) you should choose a model
with a changing table, storage pockets, and wheels to take it from one room to another.

Practicality of use

The travel cot must be extremely practical. Make sure, therefore, that it is easy to assemble following the instructions, easy to close, and store in the special bag (which must never be missing in the package)
and obviously easy to open. If you plan to use it at home as well, choose a model with wheels to transport
it from room to room.

Both open and closed, the bed must be compact and not bulky, always remember to check the measurements.
It is also important that it is light to carry, but sturdy enough to remain stationary and in use.
Finally, make sure that the upholstery is in washable fabric (preferably also removable)
and that the side walls have large windows in breathable mesh.


The travel cot must be comfortable, both for the child and for the parents. The bottom must be firm and stable, while the mattress must be high, soft, and comfortable. The side walls must be mesh, both to ensure breathability and to allow children to look outside and parents to control them easily.

The sides must always be high enough to prevent the child from climbing over
and a window with a zip that can only be opened from the outside should never be missing,
to allow older children to enter and exit freely. The mattress support surface must be adjustable in height,
to help parents place the baby in the cot without straining.

Safety and materials

Like all baby products, the camping cot must also be safe. It is true that it should be light to carry, but keep in mind that a bed that is too light could also be unstable. Make sure that it is therefore made of sturdy materials, that it has anti-tipping and anti-accidental closing safety systems.

All metal parts must be padded and covered with waterproof fabric, especially the edges, which children could nibble on. Obviously, the PVC parts must be free of phthalates and in general, all materials must be certified according to European safety standards.

Brand and price

Choosing a well-known brand, specialized in the production of cots and other accessories for children, is certainly a guarantee of quality. The best brands of camping beds are  Hauck, CAM, and Chicco, which are great value for money.

In general, travel costs are not very expensive and you can find a good product even for less than 50 euros. Only the most equipped models, with changing tables and games, can cost 100 euros or a little more.

Where to buy travel cots

You can buy travel cots from stores that sell cribs, strollers, and other baby items. In physical stores, however, the choice is limited, for obvious reasons of space, so we cannot assure you that you will find all the models that we have included in our ranking.

To find a large assortment, we advise you to take a look online, especially on Amazon, which has lots of camping beds of all kinds, often at discounted prices.

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