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Surprise amusement The pitch has something unexpected

've e-mailed you a couple times b

Surprise amusement– The pitch has something unexpected, is filled with personality, and the site owner can’t help but like us.


Here’s the score:

You need some fresh ___ content at ______.

I’m looking for high-quality __ sites that I can contribute to in order to flesh out my Google Authorship profile, win a Pulitzer Prize, and rule the Universe.

It’s a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate for our mutual benefit, but you need to read this e-mail and respond to it in order for this collaboration to work.

I’ve e-mailed you a couple times before and didn’t hear anything back.

Hit me up and let’s discuss this. I’d be eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise and I’m confident that I’ve got the writing chops to draw readers and add value to your site. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just give me the nod and I’ll shoot a piece to you for review and we can go from there.



Flattery- MUST BE GENUINE! Don’t compliment something on their site if you don’t like it. Bloggers get a hundred guest post requests a week saying “I find your blog useful and inspiring to readers…” Compliment something specific. Consider writing your post in response to something they’ve posted recently.

Surprise, amusement

Hey (name),

I was just inquiring about being included on your list of ethical tourism links. (Company) is striving to make tourism a force for growth and benefit for the locations we travel through and we have established (RESOURCE) to give back to the communities we encounter. We are trying to expand this (resource) and make sure that people know how they can help, even when on vacation, and how tourism can be a force for growth and education. Being included on your list of ethical tourism links would be a good step in that direction and I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Thanks and best wishes,


Gratitude, Thankfulness- they appreciate the offer for free content that was written by humans for humans

Let me get straight to the point, here….

Your site needs some fresh content. It hasn’t been updated in over a month.

I’m a ____ writer, looking for new audiences to share my work with.

We should collaborate. I’d like to write you a piece or two. How about a piece about ______?

Take a look at my portfolio connected to my G+ account so you see the quality of work I produce:

t all. First off, please let me know if you’ve received it. I think it is actually worth your time, as there aren’t enough people out there writing about progressive real estate options.

To avoid hassling you I won’t send another email, but at the same time, I think it’s important that you respond to people who present legitimate ideas. There’s no point in having an email if not.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.


Hey (name),

I don’t know if I’m going to your spam or what, but I’ve tried several ways to get a hold of you. I don’t quite see the point in having contact forms on your sites if you’re not going to respond.

Anyway, I hope you’re just missing my messages and I get through eventually.

Thanks for your time,


If they get angry, turn around and apologize, say you were just frustrated with the great void that is internet correspondence, and see if you can get their interest. This is a great way to show that you’re human, and hopefully inspire a little goodwill.

Remember, the first goal is to get a response. Then you focus on getting a link.


“Hey, just making sure I didn’t get thrown into spam.”

“Have you had time to review my article/pitch yet?”

“I’d still love to send you an article about rabid penguins”

Try something new:

Alternate forms of contact:

  • Web forms
  • Other email addresses on the site
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other social media (once found alternate email address through youtube account)
  • Commenting on blog posts (don’t include links)
  • Try finding email through (super stalker status, use with care)

Hi (name),

I’ve been trying to reach you at your _____ email, but I thought I’d try this one.

I’m ____, and I’m interested in sending you a guest post about one of the following topics: (topic ideas)

Here’s an example of my writing: (link)

Let me know which article I can send you,



Alternate approaches

Were you longwinded last time? Shorten it up. Did you just ask if they take guest posts? Elaborate on your idea. Were you trying to be funny? Be serious.

Give them a deadline:

“I’d love to work with you, but since I haven’t heard from you, I guess I’ll turn my efforts elsewhere. If you’re still interested in collaborating, let me know by Friday”

Responding to:

Requests for money:

  • Explain why Google frowns on paid links.
  • Ask if they would waive the fee if the link is no-follow
  • Offer to link back to the post in future bios (basically giving them a link too, bring traffic to them) in lieu of payment.
  • Mention that you’re a paid writer (mention your rate), willing to waive the fee for a link in your bio

Requests for reciprocal links:

  • Offer to link back to the post in future bios (basically giving them a link too, bring traffic to them) in lieu of payment.
  • Offer to talk to the webmaster of the site you’re representing, but don’t make any promises.

“Do you work for a company?”

“I do write on behalf of and will want the article to include a link back to their site. I make sure the link is relevant and useful. The article itself will not be an ad, however, and I really think your audience will appreciate it because. _______”

Additional Resources:

About Zach Ball —

We try our best to keep it relevant, good and all about link building.


I look forward to collaborating with you…


Anger/Embarrassment– Can’t get a response? Try accusing them of not maintaining their site well. An angry response is better than no response. This gets them on the defensive and opens the door for negotiations

Hi (name),

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