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Summer Fun: A Family Road Trip to Port Aransas

A Family Road Trip to Port Aransas

Now that pandemic is settling down and we are up and running, why not go on a field trip with the family to the beach. The place we suggest taking your children to is Port Aransas in Texas. They are not only known for beautiful beaches and tasty seafood but also for their amazing activities and attractions. Not to mention the Port Aransas vacation rentals have the best condominiums available wherein the children and adults are bound to have a great time. This getaway will rejuvenate your family and your kids will not want to leave the Port. 

When you plan the trip with the family, make sure your goal is to hang out at a cool vacation rental and spend most of your time at the beach. 

Condos in Port Aransas for rent 

We promise you, your best bet when looking for a place to stay with your family in Port Aransas is the Mayan Princess beach resort. There are other places to stay which are provided by Airbnb, but nothing beats the facilities and amenities given by the local beach rentals. The beautiful rooms will not let you down. 

They are available in 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. You can choose any based on how many people are on the trip. There are fully equipped kitchens, laundry, TV and free internet. They are all open concept living spaces. We have a never-ending list of things to share with you to help you choose the beachfront condos in Port Aransas. The first and the most important one being it is reasonably priced for the amenities provided. The Mayan Princess condominiums are said to be the best condos in Port Aransas, Texas. 

With beautiful designed interiors and large patios; they are built at an amazing location with a view of three lagoon pools and the Gulf of Mexico. Since the children will spend most of their time at the beach and the remaining time they will enjoy indoor, the amenities are a key feature. Having a pool is great as children prefer to play there. 

Travel safely to Port Aransas 

Travelling safely is of utmost importance when children are around. This is what makes the road trip a safe option. You make minimum contact with outsiders while travelling. Doing your research to know which places are highly infected can be avoided during travel. At the end of the day staying healthy on the vacation in Port Aransas is the top-most priority. 

Meal planning is a key 

Since we are talking about reducing contact with unknown people on the way, getting meals from home becomes vital. You can pack snacks like sandwiches and wraps to keep you full on the journey. 

Things to pack when coming to Port Aransas 

Along with food, the following are things the children should bring – 

  • Water Bottles
  • Wines and beers
  • Pool Floats
  • Beach Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Lots and lots of Sunscreen
  • Coffee and creamer

Although this is not a necessity, we recommend bringing beach chairs and umbrella tents. This will make your time at the beach more pleasurable. 

And now the most exciting part that you are here for: Things to do In Port Aransas 

As we mentioned above, this place is so popular because of its ability to cater to all age groups. It is full of activities and attractions. There are things like a helicopter ride, Golf Club, Volleyball, Water volleyball, piers, and much more. There are art galleries, museums and aquariums to visit as well. Paying a visit to the aquarium with the children can be a new learning experience for them. Don’t miss the local gift shops; they have some amazing things to buy for yourself or your loved ones. 

Port Aransas is also a great fishing place with many seafood restaurants to try. It depends on what you wish to explore. 

Read here to get more information regarding  things to do in Port Aransas and know all your options to pre-plan a unique summer vacation for the family.  

The Port Aransas beach 

The beach at Port Aransas is family-friendly which automatically makes it children-friendly as well. They are easily accessible from the Port Aransas vacation rentals. All beach rental places with golf cart can allow you to drive on the beach. 

The water in Port Aransas beaches is certainly not like the Miami one, but way better than Galveston. The temperature of the water is warm which makes it easier to stay in for a longer duration. The water is fairly shallow which makes it safe for the children and not super dirty as well. The sea breeze in the area makes it pleasant and tolerable even in the hot summer months.

Final words 

To put it all together, we highly recommend taking your family on a road trip to Port Aransas and staying at Port Aransas vacation rentals for a summer vacation. It will be the perfect escape for them. Don’t forget you are travelling with children during a pandemic. It is utmost important to follow safety protocols at all times. To avoid contact with people as much as possible, carry your snacks and water and enjoy the trip to Port Aransas, Texas. 

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