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Strived or Strove- which one is appropriate and where to apply?

Strived or Strove

People often get confused about which form of strive is correct!!!

Strived or strove these families of verbs delivers an easy path for authors to memorize the exact route to conjugate strive. Several people have wondered how to conjugate this English irregular verb in the past tense. This article is for them.

 Strived or Strove:

Let’s start the discussion of using strived or strove form. Strove is the past tense conjugation of the verb strive. It says working hard to accomplish something big. Many people think strived is an unaccepted variant form that we should avoid. They also think to use striven as a past participle.

 The Formal verbs are simple enough to remember in English. Although, they do affect periodic confusion.

 Informal or irregular verbs create life difficult even for extensively experienced writers.

 Strive indicates it does not heed the set conjunction rules. It is an irregular verb. It maintains company with numerous different irregular verbs.

History of strove or strived:

In the year 1800, published works in English, strove, and striven are the extensively predominant forms. The form appears anywhere from five to six times more frequently than strived.

It should be perceived, these structures barely look at books and exclude additional outlets such as magazines and newspapers. It is also interesting enough, even the Formal versions of these words strove and striven peaked in the 19th century.

 Some strategy to remember the Difference between Strived or strove:
  •       As strived is not a formal conjugation of strive, so we should always use the form strove in the simple past. We can also use striven as a past participle.
  •       Keep in mind always that strived and strove are similar just like drive and drive. These rhyming conjugation verbs are a great strategy to memorize the accurate way to conjugate strive.
  •       You could utilize a similar procedure with driven and striven when conjugating strive as a past participle form.

We always try to provide the necessary strategy for learning things. In the above, we gave some tricks about determining the two forms strived or strove. If anyone has any issues with the topic, please let us know! We are always here to deliver you valuable information. 

To use many verbs in English, you need to know past forms of verbs. All verbs have a base form or ‘infinitive’ (e.g., watch, create, play). Most verbs, called ‘regular verbs’, follow the same pattern and form simple-past participles ending in -ed, however, verbs have different endings and are called ‘irregular verbs’ Wall Here is an example of how Here are some tips to help you learn “regular and irregular actions” and how to remember them.

The most common irregular verbs in English

A → Irregular verbs in the table

B → Affirmative phrase → 1st person singular

C → Affirmative phrase → 3rd person singular

D → Negative phrase → 1st person singular

E → Negative phrase → 3rd person singular

                    go – went – gone

  infinitive     simple past participle

A to-go                       went                     gone

B I go                     I went                     I have gone

C he goes         he went                     he has gone

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