Solar Energy- Advantages And Disadvantages

It is only natural to have apprehensions while wanting to adopt something new as Solar Energy Solutions for your power needs. To make an informed decision, it is wise for you to consider all the aspects of solar power installation. Associated with the sun and energy, solar plants are a cost-effective and Eco-friendly way of energy consumption. With multiple benefits associated with it, there might also be certain unfavorable factors you must be aware of.

Here Is A List Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy


Renewable- The best part of getting solar plants installed is that it is renewable. It is not exhaustive like conventional electricity. As long as there is sun and light, there is energy for you. With Solar Energy Solutions, you don’t have to worry about uncertain power cuts and energy storage.

Reduces monthly expenses on electricity bills- Once you install solar power plants, you will be meeting your energy needs to a large extent. As such, there is a drastic reduction in electricity costs which make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. Thanks to solar energy, you will be able to save up a huge chunk of money on monthly basis.

Low maintenance cost- While installing solar panels, you incur an initial cost, after which the maintenance needs are generally low. Your solar system can easily last upto 25 years. Maintaining solar plants is easy on the pocket, cleaning them a couple of times a year will keep them well functioning.

Sustainable- As mentioned several times, Solar Energy Solutions is a clean source of energy. It minimises the harsh impacts on the environment. Moreover, the government of India is an active promoter of solar energy consumption. To encourage solar installation, they also provide tax credits and subsidies.


Initial installation cost can be high- As already mentioned, a solar system can easily power your system for upto 25-30 years. Therefore, the initial cost of installation can be on the high side. Apart from the installation charges, there are significantly low maintenance costs.

Dependent on the weather- Solar plants runs from the energy of the sun. Therefore when the weather is cloudy or rainy, the electricity production can be less. But fortunately, solar plants can still function in cloudy or rainy weather, as it does not require 100% of sunlight to work.

You may need to modify your roof– Not every roof will be suitable for solar panel installation.  Roof space, orientation, material, shading are important factors in deciding whether it be able the take the weight and support of solar panels. You may have to modify the roof to prepare it for solar panels installation.

More space is required for high energy production- The more energy you want to produce, the more space you need for installation. If your energy needs are high, you will need a large space for solar panels.

Final Words

We have laid down all the important aspects necessary for you to make an informed decision.  As long as there is sun and sunlight, there is energy and the power. Now it is time for you to decide!

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