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Solar Air Conditioner Price with Complete Detail

Summers have arrived in India. The rising temperatures have started to soar once again. In this hot and humid climate, surviving without air conditioning is difficult. But running your air conditioner for more than 10 hours a day can give a serious dent to your wallet. What is the best way to avoid this? What can you do to not be uncomfortable in this unbearable summer yet stay within your budget? The best and most realistic answer to these questions would be solar air conditioning. Taking advantage of air conditioning without exhausting a limited power supply.

Features & Benefits of Solar AC

Let us discuss the various benefits of the new solar ACs manufactured by the best solar company in Haryana.

Saves your budget

The most apparent reason you should be investing in solar AC would be its cost reduction benefits. Using solar power, you can capture most of the energy you utilize without paying expensive electricity bills.

Low maintenance

Another great advantage of using solar AC is that it barely requires any maintenance. After the successful installation of your solar panels or battery, the system would not need periodic checkups. It is an excellent way to reduce your maintenance costs as well.

Versatile working

Now you do not have to worry that your solar AC would only work with a dedicated solar panel system. The solar company in Haryana is also capable of working with an electricity grid power supply. With the option to switch between the power supplies, you can choose what fits you the best.

The most common features that you will receive which solar AC are as follows:

  • Remote control
  • Dry mode, cool mode, cool turbo mode, etc.
  • Air filters
  • Sleep timers
  • Display on and off
  • No noise
  • LCD panel display

Quality Standard of Solar AC

With an excellent seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), solar air conditioners are a good option to consider. Strict quality standards and industry professionals: The top solar ac price reflects the quality it offers. Be it quality compressor or heat consumption; solar air conditioners are excellent for these aspects. the effective and efficient mechanism of the air conditioner would ensure that you get:

  • Low carbon footprints
  • Economic power consumption
  • Long-term durability
  • Ease of usability
  • Efficient power usage
  • Safety and reliability
  • Consistent good quality

Working of solar ac

Solar energy is unlimited and good for the environment. There are different ways by which solar air conditioning uses this energy to provide cooling. One of the most common and efficient ways is by using solar photovoltaics. Solar photovoltaics convert solar energy into electricity. This energy is then stored in a generator that utilizes it for running the air conditioner. Naturally, most of the solar energy is captured during the daytime when sunlight is abundant. As the temperatures are higher during the day, energy consumption is easily balanced as the sun is present. During the nighttime, the stored energy is utilized to continue cooling without any problem. On cloudy days or insufficient solar energy, the unit can turn to a conventional power supply.

Solar AC Price List

Here is a comprehensive list of top solar air conditioner price in India:

1-ton solar AC

On average, a one-ton solar air conditioner would approximately cost you ₹97,000. The power consumption for this type of solar air conditioner would be 1500 watts. It is a good option for a 100sq.ft. Room and can offer sufficient cooling throughout the day.

1.5-ton solar AC

One and a half-ton solar ACs will approximately cost you ₹1,39,000. Their power consumption using a solar panel would be 2500 Watts. They have a cooling capacity of 18000 BTU. For a room having the standard size of approximately 150 square feet, this type of solar air conditioner would work the best.

2-ton solar AC

If you are looking for a bigger solar air conditioner, you should choose a 2 ton solar AC. This would most probably cost you somewhere around ₹1,79,000. It will have an energy consumption of approximately 3500 watts.


Solar air conditioning is a good option if you are looking for a cost-effective and durable option. The cost of these air conditioners might seem a little heavy at first, but if you consider the various benefits it can offer in the long run, it is pretty affordable. With no electricity bills required to run solar air conditioners, you save all your money on extra maintenance or energy bills. This is a great way to enhance the cooling in these hot summers without compromising your budget. Enjoy the best quality cooling with amazing solar energy technology. Working to your benefit in all weathers, solar air conditioners is a good option to consider in India.

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