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Social Media Marketing- What it delivers to your Business?

Social Media Marketing refers to activities that intend to promote your business’ products on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It provides you an effective way to reach your prospects.

Social media marketing is one of the well-known cost-effective strategies that businesses opt to tap their target audience. With help of social media marketing for your business, you can achieve remarkable success towards attaining high leads, sales volume, and thus, revenue.

According to an estimate, 97% of marketers are using social media to attain fruitful goals for their business. Not all businesses know about social media marketing. Actually, 50% of small businesses are not promoting their business on social media.

Apart from a boost in sales, marketing on social media comes with several other remarkable benefits.

  • Brand awareness: When you regularly post updates on social media, customers get aware of your brand. SMM activities make it easy for you to spread about your brand and products.
  • Increase in traffic: Linking your website in social media content helps increase the traffic on your webpage.
  • Promote products and services: By investing in social media marketing, you will be able to achieve high reach to the customer and thereby making the promotion of products and services effective.


Social Media Marketing provides you key business deliverables.

  1. Create Brand Recognition

Brand recognition refers to a degree up to which a customer is familiar with your brand. It includes your brand logo, tagline, color, company name, and other things. The higher brand recognition implies higher brand popularity and a large market share as well. Maintaining consistent brand recognition is extremely important, as it helps increase customer trust, boosts user experience. There are some companies that have recognition at a level that their brands are synonymous with the service they offer such as Google, Xerox.

When customers go to the store for purchasing, they scan the shelves and pick the brand’s products they are familiar with. If you want to buy toothpaste, you will pick Colgate, because you recognize well and buy it. It is instinct buying.

Consumers want to buy products or services from brands they recognize. Thus, gaining high brand recognition is the companies of most important marketing goal. Here comes the role of social media that provides you an effective brand building. Social media has an edge over traditional media, as it is a cost-effective medium and provides high outreach to the audience.

  1. Create a discussion around your brand

The proper implementation of a robust social media marketing strategy will help create conversation about your brand and products. You need to stimulate conversation about your brand. You need to have a noticeable social media presence if you want people talking about your brand.

Usually, customers use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to have conversations with brands. If people are not discussing your brand, you may ask them for their opinions. In this, you also start receiving genuine feedback about your product, all due to social media.

When people talking about your brand or its products, it will generate interest for your brand among the customer, pull them to visit your website that makes the way easier for converting visitors into customers.

When customers comment about your business on social media, you need to engage them. You must respond in a manner that they don’t have a feeling that ‘it’s a bot who is replying’. It helps them make a better perception of your company and feel like they are a valued customer.

  1. Connect your audience through social listening

Social listening refers to the act of monitoring social conversations for your brand and products. You need to track social media platforms for conversations going on related to your business. You can analyze them to explore opportunities. It helps you understand what the audience likes about your business and what’s important to them. It also helps make improvements in your products/ services, as per the feedback from the audience.

Social listening matters

If you are not active on social media and avoid social listening, you are missing valuable insights for your business. You must be eager to know what people are saying like what they want when making a purchase from your brand.

Engage with customers

By listening to people on social media, you get the opportunity to engage with the customers. Suppose, a customer has tweeted about the experience after using your product, you need to actively re-tweet on it. It creates a positive image of your brand.

Manage crises

With social listening, you can track sentiments. By being active on social media, you can check which posts are doing well. If you are getting too much positive engagement from people on social media, you need to check for the reasons. Usually, customers share information about what they like and what makes them distaste the product. The customers’ comments over social platforms help guide your strategy.

If there are some negative sentiments, just review the feedback for lessons. You need to check where you are lacking and make changes accordingly that can help prevent could prevent such a mistake in the future.

  1. Build Customer Loyalty

What’s better than building customer loyalty for your brand!

On social media, customers like to follow and interact with brands they like. Around 53% of customers who follow your brand are likely to become loyal. If customers follow you, they tend to prefer you against your competitor’s products or services. More likely, they will visit your store or website and make purchases. So, building brand loyalty plays a big role in increasing sales, which ultimately becomes possible with help of social media marketing efforts. You must keep your loyal audience happy that brings profitability to your business.

You need to be active on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. You can also try some new and innovative social media apps in India like Trell, Helo, Vero, and Connected. Keep posting new updates on your products, services, expansions, etc. Social Media Marketing helps brings more leads and sales volume that create profitability for the business.

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