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Smoking a Dab Rig and Dabbing

Dab is a cannabis concentrated form made by extracting cannabinoids. The extraction process involves a solvent, such as carbon dioxide and butane, resulting in a sticky substance, having oil-like consistency. It is called shatter, budder, or butane hash oil, etc. Those concentrates are dabbed by heating them on a hot surface; then, the stuff is inhaled once hot using a dab rig. Dabbing has been around us for quite a while now. Do you know: Why is dabbing popular? Dabbing is a popular vaping method to relish the potent effects of THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol) and getting access to other cannabinoids, such as CBD (Canan-Bi-Diol).

What Do You Need to Start Dabbing?

You need the following items/tools, begin with dabbing:

  • Cannabis Extract: You have a variety of options to consume cannabis extracts. The generally available extracts are carbon dioxide, rosin, and butane hash oil.
  • Water Pipe: You can take out the glass bowl and replace it with a dabbing attachment to turn your water pipe into a rig.
  • Nail: You will need a nail that can impeccably fit with the gauge of your water pipe, made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic.
  • Dome: It is the glass hood covering the nail. You can also utilize dome-less nails for dabbing.
  • Torch: You will also need a torch, which you can easily find in a headshop and purchase the one suiting your needs.
  • Dabber: Dabber is a ceramic or metal or a glass tool that you can use for applying the dab. 

Step by Step Guide to Use an Oil Rig:-

Step 1: Prepare your rig and the dabber before getting started. Make sure you are seated properly, as the sudden rush of cannabinoids can be physically intense.

Step 2: Turn on the torch and aim directly for the nail to heat your stuff. Most users like to heat the nail until it is turned red hot.

Step 3: Turn your torch off after the nail becomes hot enough. Put your glass dome over the nail and cover it up. Sit about for 45 seconds if you are using a quartz nail.

Step 4: Take the dabber, apply the dab on the nail inside your dome, and begin to inhale slowly. Keep rotating your dabber tip little by little. Enjoy.

The Drawbacks of Dabbing:-

Dabbing is a clean and flavourful way of smoking cannabis; however, dabbing is not for novice smokers as it can produce a spinning sensation. Beginners are recommended to start dabbing with tiny amounts of concentrates. In addition, beginners are advised to become used to vaping before they smoke concentrates through dabbing.


A dab rig is a popular way to smoke cannabis as it lets you enjoy cannabis, feeling the potent effects of THC. It would be best to have cannabis extract, water pipe, nail, dome, torch, and a dabber to smoke your cannabis. The process of smoking an oil rig does not involve rocket science; however, you should learn it as a novice dabber. The drawback of dabbing is that the experience is so intense that you may take a nap for some time. Nonetheless, it is a popular method of smoking among stoners.

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