SAP Business One Vs Tally – Who Wins the Battle

This write-up will show you SAP Business One Vs Tally in-detailed comparison. So, let’s check out which one is the best.

In the constantly evolving era, technology is a best friend for all. 

It is essential to have a robust software solution that effortlessly mitigates the operational complexities and enables organizations to make informed, real-time business decisions. At present, there are many software available in the market that can ease tasks and manage all the complexities.

Beyond doubt, when a similar thing is offered by multiple companies, all claiming to be the best partners with Tally and SAP Business One ERP, choosing the right one for your business becomes a bit difficult.

Hence, if you are looking for a business solution for your company, contact Cinntra Infotech for the best implementation service. Thus, let’s scroll down and dive down into the article & know about SAP Business One & Tally. So, read on to know which is the best one for you.

Introduction to SAP Business One and Tally

SAP Business One is a tested and globally accepted ERP software that helps streamline the business function entirely. 

Be it managing your employees,  finances, customer relations, materials, product life cycle, production planning, sales, distribution, business intelligence etc., it does it all. In short, It’s a single software solution for all your business needs. 

On the other hand, Tally ERP is an evolved version of the original Tally accounting software. It primarily focused on accounting, GST, managing inventory, and other vital back-office activities. In addition, the Tally is also integrated among various areas like Accounting, Finance, Sales, Purchase, Costing, Job Costing, etc  but is yet to become a fully integrated software. 

Difference Between SAP Business One Vs Tally 

Parameters of Comparison Tally  SAP Business One 
Location Tally started in Bangalore, India. Whereas, SAP started in Weinheim, Germany.
Suitable Industry Best for startups and very small companies. On the other hand, SAP B1 is suitable for medium-sized, and large companies.
Parallel Accounting Does not support parallel accounting. Supports parallel accounting.
Data handling  It can only handle a small amount of data. Whereas, SAP B1 has the ability to handle large data amounts without any difficulty.
Price  Cost effective but doesn’t automate your overall business, it only takes charge for accounting functions.   SAP B1 has different modules starting with an affordable price range according to the business need.
Modules  Provides only finance related modules like for GST On the other side, SAP B1 provides a wide range of modules that helps to automate your whole business. 

  • Administration 
  • Finance 
  • Sales 
  • Services 
  • Human resource 
  • Inventory 
  • Production 
  • MRP 
  • Banking 
Security  Tally ensures that nobody gets access to the data. However, still, the data gets easily transferred over the web in many cases. It is not as good as SAP Business One when it’s about third-party software support. The software cannot handle plenty of data at once.  SAP B1 is safeguarded against the brute force attacks and security breaches. It is a highly secured and dynamic solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The software also strongly supports third-party software
Hosting  There is no dedicated web version of Tally. However, you can host the Tally ERP on the third-party cloud server.  SAP Business One provides Cloud & on-premises hosting services and has its in house hosting. It also has a mobile application for anytime use. 


Now, when you have learned about both the software, you have also got a grasp of which is the best one for your business. Therefore, we suggest you to buy SAP Business One rather than Tally as clearly it is more useful and secure for your business and security of your critical data matters the most. 

For more details on SAP business One, you can contact Cinntra Infotech, an award-winning SAP Partner company.

Call us: +91 8882709959 


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