SAP Business One Technical versus Functional Consulting

Small Business Accounting and ERP consulting corporations often do now not provide technical consulting offerings as they are probably staffed by using CPA folks who decided to try themselves in ERP practical consulting.  Such functional consulting corporations are usually found in your business metro and offer nearby guide touring your workplace

If you have got experience using a small commercial enterprise accounting bundle something like QuickBooks or Peachtree you may even say that everyone I wished was user manual and gadget set up became wizard pushed wherein you just click Next buttons.  Well, when we are moving to the world of midsize enterprise ERP packages then we should deal with such feasible troubles as customizations, integrations with EDI or eCommerce, protection, and limited licensing in line with the person.  These features are crossing functional consulting borders and require information in era and programming:

Customization Projects or Software Development Kit Programming. User-described fields and tables might be introduced without delay in settings and there may be no want to do programming for such matters. However, that allows you to animate person described items you regularly have to enchantment to programming.  We endorse you to remember coding in Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB.Net with regards to SDK where you may discover item descriptions in addition to code samples in these programming languages.  The modern programming rule is to follow code patterns and integrate diverse code snippets into one unit of Data Conversions. Here you again need technical consultant. Think approximately alternatives to pump out legacy accounting documents.  First approach is direct connection to legacy database via ODBC for instance or through SQL local driving force if exists.  If you plan direct connection then you definately need to be familiar with legacy application table names and roles.  Second technique is less technical – printing legacy accounting reviews into textual content document and cleanse rows there.  Data cleansing is possible in Excel or as we recommend for large datasets – importing text record into custom SQL table thru SSIS facts import wizard and weed out page numbers, report header and blank rows in custom SQL Views Crystal Reports. Simple reports may be executed through CR layout wizard. However in SAP B1 you’ve got Query immediately in user interface and that is why we anticipate that you are attractive to CR when you have difficult reporting requirements.  We regularly see requests to recover failed Customer Statement, Bill of Lading, Project Profitability document and others.  There isn’t any secret in Managerial Report design.  One of the primary regulations is to layout and take a look at document query outside of the reporting tool.  If your database is MS SQL Server then do not forget creation of SQL Stored Procedure or View and testing end result set immediately in SQL Server Management Studio

four. Technical mission control.Evolvous  These things would possibly appear like apparent however we’ve visible more than one eventualities while neglecting these regulations ends in challenge failure.  First of all ensure that you’re developing trying out corporation that’s loaded with manufacturing agency information.  Have your programmers paintings with this take a look at environment simplest as statistics restoration might be tough.  Second recommendation is to have your developers work at the take a look at server wherein Microsoft Visual Studio project is ready for debugging and code tracing.  Customization capability is often facts driven and it’s far difficult to do quality guarantee on the database in which transactions are not reflecting actual situation

Technical Consulting Firm Profile. This business enterprise needs to be large wherein it can afford nourishing college graduates as young programmers and era professionals. The provide for such firm has to cross local commercial enterprise metro borders and address national audience or even help multinational corporations with their distant places centers automation.  Nationwide consulting enterprise often has to hold so-known as Software Development Factory or strong software and product improvement branch.  The satisfactory way to find these corporations is Google, Yahoo or MSN engines like google

wherein our consultant choose up the cellphone in St. Joseph, MI name middle). We have local presence in Chicagoland, Southern California, South West Michigan and Houston and Dallas regions of Texas. We serve clients USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil nationwide and the world over through net classes and make contact with conferences (Skype is welcomed). Our specialists talk English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. We characteristic our expertise is in International Business.  We offer 2d opinion in SB1 facts  Technology Articles, customization and reporting

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