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Recover Data from an Undetectable Seagate External Hard Drive

Losing important files on your Seagate external hard drive is a disaster. Things will get worse if there is no backup file that you can’t access.

Fortunately, this article provides a step-by-step guide to using Seagate data recovery and hard drive data recovery services so that you can get your deleted or lost data back to Seagate using the following Seagate data recovery methods.

Now, let’s read together to recover Seagate files easily.

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Seagate External Hard Drive and Common Crashes

How to Retrieve Back Data From Undetectable Seagate External Hard Drive?

  • Recover Data Using Seagate File Recovery Suite
  • Restore Files Using CHKDSK Command
  • Fix Seagate Hard Drive Not Detecting Issues

Wrapping Up!

Seagate External Hard Drive and Common Crashes

Seagate external hard drive delivers instant capacity and fast transfer speeds. You can save photos, videos, documents, games, and almost all your important files to Seagate. Therefore, as soon as you connect it to your computer, you can immediately access all of your Seagate data.

Hence, if something is wrong with your Seagate external hard drive, you simply lose your only chance to get those important files.

  • Seagate hard drive reading is very slow and sometimes impossible to read. (Wear/long term use/poor workmanship)
  • The computer can’t recognize the connected Seagate external hard drive with a noticeable ticking noise. (Electromechanical problem)
  • Some files or folders have been deleted or damaged. (Deletion/destruction of the system/virus attack)

Now, it’s time to use the Seagate File recovery package to recover your missing or deleted files. Just make sure your Seagate hard drive isn’t physically damaged.

How to Retrieve Back Data From Undetectable Seagate External Hard Drive?

Seagate offers two different data recovery solutions, including premium and tech. If you want to recover photos, documents, and other frequently used files, Seagate Premium File Recovery Software Suite is enough. In fact, you can try to find out if it can recover the lost data before purchasing.

Recover Data Using Seagate File Recovery Suite

Step 1: Launch Seagate File Recovery Suite

Download and install Seagate data recovery software for free. When you run this program, you can first select the “Check device” option. Then select the device or volume to scan. Well, you can press the right arrow in the lower corner of the screen to move on.

Step 2: Select a scan mode

Choose whether to use the quick scan or deep scan. During this time, you can select the “Simple and Fast” option at the top. Then select the motion icon in the lower right corner.

Step 3: Select the Seagate Data Your Want to Recover

Wait a moment for the Seagate scanning and analysis process to complete. After that, you can see all recoverable files in categories. Select its submenu icon and view any file with a preview window. Check your target item and then select the next icon.

Step 4: Recover Data From Seagate External Hard Drive

Check “Select Location” to change the destination folder. Later click on “Restore” to continue the process. You’ll need to enter your registration key to recover your Seagate files. Select “Activate” to immediately start restoring the selected files. The whole process can take from 30 minutes to several hours.

Moreover, you can change the new USB port, reinstall the USB driver, enable Show Hidden Devices and enable USB Root Hub to fix the problem.

Restore Files Using CHKDSK Command

In some cases, the file system of a Seagate external drive can be restored using the CHKDSK command.

  • Run Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Enter the command “chkdsk D:/ f” (instead of D: – enter the letter of the required drive) and press Enter.
  • After running the command, the process of checking and correcting errors on the disk or device will start, this can restore the file system to work.

Fix Seagate Hard Drive Not Detecting Issues

If the computer can’t recognize your Seagate external hard drive, you need to make the Seagate hard drive available again.

Method 1: Connect to a Different USB Port

If your Seagate external hard drive is still blinking, you can unplug it and plug it into other USB ports. Well, you can restart your computer and reconnect your Seagate external hard drive.

Method 2: Remove Hard Drive Letter

  • Type devmgmt.msc from the Windows Start menu, press the Enter key to move on.
  • Run Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  • If your Seagate external hard drive shows up as unrecognized, you need to uninstall the driver. Then you can check if the Seagate hard drive is detected or not.

Method 3: Change the Drive Letter

  • Go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tool>Computer Management>Disk Management.
  • Click Change and continue the process.
  • Select a new drive letter next to Assign the next drive letter, select OK and Yes to fix the Seagate external hard drive not detected.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned tips will help in recovering lost or deleted files. If these methods fail to provide desired results, it’s recommended that they hire data recovery professionals of Seagate data recovery in Singapore. They’re highly proficient and equipped with appropriate tools and recovery software to bring back the data from an undetectable Seagate external hard drive.

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