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Reasons Why NCERT Solutions are Best for Entrance Exam Preparation?

NCERT stands for National Council of Education, Research, and Training. NCERT plays an essential role in creating textbooks and distributing them to elementary and junior high school students. These books are written by highly knowledgeable and experienced subject matter experts, and these books are the leading book to prepare for the CBSE exam.

However, many students are confused and are also considering reference books. It’s harmless to learn from the reference books, but keep in mind that the CBSE exams for all grades do not contain questions not covered by the NCERT books. Before learning from a reference book, you need to cover all the topics in the NCERT book and practice your NCERT solution.

We have described the five benefits of reading ncert solutions for the Board Exam and Entrance Exams. How is it going to assist you in your board exam preparation?

Five Reasons Why NCERT Books are best for Entrance Exam Preparation

Engineering and NEET aspirants are always looking for better, more comprehensive books to study. Several authors specialize in writing books to help engineering (JEE Main) and NEET entrance examinees.

NCERT Cover Most of the Syllabus

The NCERT syllabus is highly comprehensive and reliably covers all topics and chapters in detail. Students are usually less familiar with the syllabus to be included in the entrance exam.

In such cases, the NCERT solution makes it easy to reduce the number of referenced sources and increase the maximum number of chapters, saving time, effort, and money searching for different sources.

NCERT Solutions Follow on CBSE Curriculum

NCERT solutions are prepared with the CBSE curriculum in mind.

Most entrance exam syllabuses and question papers in India follow the CBSE Curriculum, so CBSE students have a significant advantage in preparation. CBSE students can use these NCERT Maths and NCERT Science solutions to prepare for entrance exams.

NCERT Solutions are written in easy to understand languages

The NCERT solutions are written concisely for all students, whether they come first or last in the class. The level of the book solution is relatively more straightforward than the reference book.

The reference book is intended to help students clarify and refine their questions and better understand complex concepts and problems. In addition to covering all chapters of the entrance exam syllabus, the NCERT books and NCERT solutions also provide detailed explanations of each of these topics and chapters. Students can answer questions and doubts through this NCERT science and ncert solutions for class 10 maths, even in the most complex questions.

CBSE itself Prescribe NCERT Books

When it comes to CBSE, It always encourages students to go through the NCERT solution. According to CBSE, the NCERT solutions are more than enough for board examination.

The CBSE also sent a notice to all schools that reference books should not be a burden to students. NCERT Solutions are a must for all students to score well in examinations.

In NCERT, at the end of the Chapter, Important questions are given to Practice

With the NCERT solution, students will find that each chapter ends with some critical questions. These include fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, one-word answers, or long answer type questions.

Students need to answer these questions thoroughly, as these questions are distorted and can be a part of the CBSE board exam questions. Because the syllabus of the entrance exam and the NCERT book are so similar, students often find that the exam questions are similar to what they learned in the book.

Therefore, reading from NCERT’s 11th and 12th-grade math and science solutions will put students in a better position on the exam.


There is no harm in learning from reference books, but keep in mind that until you go to school, nothing is more important than NCERT books and NCERT solutions in the classroom. Do not confuse the main coursebook with a reference book. Stick to NCERT and when you’re done, see the supplementary book.

You can find the NCERT textbook and various solutions to your questions at PW.live, one of India’s leading online education sites. Discover more now! The textbook language is simple and easy to understand, as the books are aimed at students from grades 9 to 12. For the same reason, when students read NCERT math and science books, and ncert solutions for class 10, they get all the information in the most straightforward language. It makes it easy for students to complete the curriculum.


Is NCERT important for board examination?

NCERT books are the best study materials for CBSE board exams and the best study materials for the country’s top, most competitive exams such as JEE and NEET exams. It is one of the main factors, and we recommend that you follow the NCERT solution for board exams.

Why studying NCERT solutions is important?

Develops a capacity to solve questions with ease – NCERT solutions are prepared to clear their doubt adequately. The solutions are explained in a straightforward way and relevant and easy-to-understand examples.

Do all questions in the board exam come from NCERT?

In the CBSE Board exam, all the questions are based on topics from the NCERT book. And most of the questions are directly asked from the NCERT book. By analyzing the previous year question papers class 10, we can assure you more than 95% of questions come from NCERT books.

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