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Reasons To Reconsider A Visitor Management Solution!!

In this digital age, most organizations still use paper log books to track visitors to their workplace. This is the most time-consuming method of managing visitors at the workplace. With only one physical book recording all of the visitors’ information, a lot can go wrong if it is misplaced or lost. Even your visitors’ privacy is not safe if you think about it.

If your current digital visitor management solution is a guest log book.

Here are some reasons why you should reconsider your visitor management solution strategy and try a more efficient method.

  1. Entrances for visitors are secure.

When you install a digital visitor management system at your workplace, you can protect it from unwanted visitors. Nobody can read the other person’s date. Visitors must enter their information into the visitor management system so that they can determine who is a wanted or unwanted visitor.

  1. It is a cost effective solution.

The manual system is much more expensive than the visitor management solution. Receptionist costs for managing data entry logs, retrieving and analyzing data, and storing data are high, not to mention the cost of supplies and storage. Going paperless and implementing a visitor management system is the simplest way to save money and go green. You can also improve front-desk efficiency.

  1. If you have multiple locations, the guest data is not centralized.

If you have multiple office locations with record logs, you don’t have a centralized configuration and control system. In practice, there is almost no central tracking or reporting. A visitor management system, on the other hand, can record the use of facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitors.

  1. Paper registers are incapable of dealing with emergency situations.

A quick glance at your dashboard can aid in an efficient evacuation; otherwise, logbooks make it nearly impossible to determine who is still present at your facility in the event of an emergency. You’ll also always know who’s authorized to be on-site with automatic badge printing, visitor photos, and a real-time dashboard.

  1. Make your workplace smart

Paper log books are an outdated system. When clients or prospective candidates visit your company for the first time, they may have a rather dull first impression if they are greeted by a bulky logbook that has seen months of wear and tear. So here is the visitor system management that provides a good impression on the visitors. This system improves office security with seamless and prompt technology. This visitor management system not only tracks visitor flows and movements, but it also allows employees to time their attendance and working hours if they forget to bring their ID cards. 


To make your workplace smart, safe, and digital by replacing the paper-based system with a digital system. The digitization of log books instantly makes the visitor management system smarter by providing you with access to information about who is at your workplace, who has been there, and who is scheduled to visit at one secure space managed via free visitor sign in app.

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