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India is a land of varied landscapes including mountains, plains, beaches, rivers, backwaters, and whatnot. The Great Western Ghats of India is one such thing to embrace and beauty to behold. Western Ghats of India is the hidden gem of the country which hasn’t been touched and explored by many in the trekking circle. This makes it so serene and beautiful for the ones who do unfold its beauty and surprises that it has to offer.

Waterfalls, vast grasslands reaching the horizon, dense forests, and mesmerizing views are just a few of many packed surprises that open up to you while you explore the Western Ghats of India. Western Ghats of India is expanded along the Western coastline of the country covering states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and parts of Kerala. A big chunk of the Western Ghats is in Maharashtra which makes the state prone to some spectacular treks and outing places. 



Maharashtra has been a fortress for the Marathas from ages that have almost proved to be impenetrable and have never been ruled by many foreign powers. To guard the Maratha state, the kings and the rulers made various forts in their territories during their rule which now serve as tourists and trekking places in Maharashtra. One such popular tourist destination in Maharashtra is Lonavala. Lonavala is famous for its weather and scenic landscapes. It is also a famous place for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers and Rajmachi Fort trek is one of the most popular and sought after treks in the region. 



Rajmachi Fort is located in the Karjat region and is one of many historical forts in the majestic hills of Sahyadri mountains. The location of this fort is just supreme and perfect to hold your grip over the Sahyadri hills and western ghats as it stands atop of a hill that oversees the entire valley. It is a gorgeous fort overlooking the ghats and one of the most popular treks available in this region. The location of the fort is what makes it even more popular as it serves as a perfect weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. 



Rajmachi fort trek is an easy and perfect one for beginners or non regular trekkers.  The trek is quite simple and you’ll trek through various waterfalls and small lakes on your way up. It is a 2 day trek during which you’ll be covering a distance of around 16-18km from base to base. The trail is just so beautiful that it’ll make you forget all your vows and relieve you from any kind of stress or tension.

The walk in the laps of nature with various small small waterfalls on the way and streams running by. The lush green carpet of greenery spread across the whole valley with flora and fauna on its full bloom make it a stunning sight to behold. It is a perfect trek for beginners but one should have an average level of fitness to counter a bit of difficult sections on the way. Overall the trek is quite easy and simple to do. 




It is a simple 2-day trek that starts from a small village of Jambhul Pada in the Lonavala region. From the village, you’ll trek to the base camp for the Rajmachi Fort trek and camp for the night there. You can explore the surroundings and get familiar with the environment. 

Get up early in the morning the next day and leave for the fort and trek through the jungle and stones to reach the top. After reaching the top, enjoy and explore the fort and also trek down to Kondane caves and get the experience of that too. After all this sightseeing head back to Jambhul Pada and then you’ll have two options of either leaving for Lonavala the same day or stay overnight at Jambhul itself. 


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